Tuesday, 29 January 2008

just some crap..

Time is running short..

like most of my coursemates..im suddenly hit by the fact that there are so many deadlines to be met, exams, presentations coming up..probably before this i've been too relaxed..and nw is the payback time..the more i slack..the more effort that i've to put in..

and here i am...though im oways whining about lacking of time..i still have time for blogging..watching movies..chatting with friends..and amidst all the stress (hah!) that im facing..im thinking about squeezing some time out for another trip..

perhaps i have split personality..or maybe im secretly enjoying the adrenaline rush that i have everytime when i need to finish my assignments at the very last minute..this habit never seems to change in me though i've made promises to myself..*ish......geram betul.....

when i mean time is running short........im also relating it to my uni-life which is going to end soon..my carefree life is gonna end soon..i cant belif im working soon...oh no...there are so many things to be considered...and i know my future is full of uncertainties..which i fear when i think bout it

so..im choosing to ignore it for nw..hopefully my mind will be clearer in few months time..

*the end of useless crap*


ti3nD said...

gambateh lur....!

shirlyn said...

u're not alone ah-blur!

i think we need pei fong in our hse to push us la..i dun rmb being so slack when i was in vista...this is like bahagi 100 of my hardworkingness in vista...

i also duwan to grow up...i duwan to start work so soon..