Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Inverness trip-28th dec

Early in the morning, our tour guides of inverness-- kha hong and suokteng, and the drivers--pun,james, mashi and wee nien went to get the 2 cars that we've rented..haha..the guys were so excited to drive here..

we had a nice breakfast at the kitchen (the food that we've bought on previous nite) and meeting some more people from our batch..:)
our main destination on that day was LOCH NESS, which is famous for its myth and mystery regarding Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, and also for its beauty and history..This lake is in fact the largest and deepest inland expanse of water in Britain..this was the beginning of Loch ness..the weather was ~COLD~
the main A82 road that we used actually surrounds the lake, so we managed to enjoy the serene view throughout the journey..

According to ahteng and kha hong, Nessie usually comes out to have lunch at around 1pm..

One of the most iconic images of Nessie which many consider to be good evidence of the monster, although doubts about the photograph's authenticity were expressed from the beginning. The image was revealed as a hoax in 1992.



YUP...we saw her outside the souvenir shop..(LAME..) Nessie is an emblem of Scottish tourism.. could find souvenirs of Nessie everywhere...

for me, i'd rather believe that Nessie does exists..:)
Our next stop was the Urquhart Castle (pronounced as Er-kurt), where we spent a very long time exploring it..

Panoramic views of the castle ruins and of Loch Ness..taken from another angle..

The castle was built in the 13th century and has witnessed many battles in its long history..we watched a film that described the history..vaguely remembered that one of the battles involved the English and Scots, where the latter lose the fortress to the English..

Among the many pics that we took..

The 10 of us!!
another nice pic of us..
lol..this pic became a topic when we were exchanging pics thru msn..everyone was guessing who the 3 persons were (pun, sc and..??) after zoom-in and votings..the 3rd person was confirmed to be mashu!!

The pretties..
and the leng chais..sekfatt so bergaya woi..haha!!cant stop smiling when i see the above pic..

Had our late lunch at nearly 3pm..

ate using the max speed..partly because we were extremely hungry..and partly due to lack of time..(it'd be dark at 4 sumthing pm..)

taken at the small town where we had our meal..

Not long after that, it was dark and we used another route back to inverness..the journey was longer than expected (about 2 hours) a bit cuaksai cos we couldnt see the roads properly due to the very heavy mist..:p..

Reached inverness at around 6 sumthing..and not long after that..we headed to the thai restaurant/pub that suokteng has searched for before the trip..if i remember correctly,the pub actually won pub of the year before (in inverness area i guess)..

This pub serves thai food and has loud scottish music..kinda weird combination huh? as usual..we enjoyed ourselves there..very kecoh..*ahem*..一切尽在不言中lah..

as everyone was tired..we headed back to hostel after dinner and had an early rest..
~to be continued..

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