Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Inverness Trip- 27th dec

This was the day when we'd to part with some of our frens..

the previous nite, all of us stayed up til very late..busy chatting and packing..

kailun and alex left early in the morning, followed by alan and sipeng..

it was 2002 when all of us first met each other in INTEC..1st time leaving home, staying in shah alam surrounded by mamak stalls, a total new environment for us..we've shared lots of memories there..and without realising, 5 long years have passed!! it was truly GREAT to meet up with the french prog frens- kailun, alex and alan after soooooo long!!!haha..everyone's changed since the last time we met, but the familiarity remained..there was still so much that we can tok and laugh about..i could still feel the warmth nw that i recalled the little INTEC reunion we had in Block really glad that u guys came to glasgow:)

Anyway, though we all woke up very early, everyone was in a rush that morning..and as usual, we had to walk extremely fast to the bus station..the 10 of us nearly missed the bus to inverness..:p

the journey to inverness took about 4 hours..

when we reached there, it was 2 sumthing..and once we reached inverness town..we saw yi shan, peifong suilin etc..haha!!

and to our amazement, the hostel we stayed was merely 5 mins walk from the bus!!

after settling down in the 10 ppl dorm..(all 10 of us stayed in 1 room) we walked around the town and went to morrisons to buy food for the next few days..even in morrisons, we could shop til very syok..ended up with tonnes of food!!

After that, we headed to Johnny Foxes for dinner..

the food was pretty good here!!

after the dinner we had a relaxed walk around the town..
very nice night view of the river..inverness town is pretty much isolated with few ppl around..very calming place..and it was ~C~O~L~D~ at night!!

each and every one of us had a solo picture with this the camera-sensitive ppl!!

once we were back to hostel..we met up with more and more of our coursemates..seemed like the hostel was invaded by pharmacy students..HAHA!!until the extent that whenever we see asians around..the guys in our group wil turned and asked us.."ur coursemates oso ar??!!wow!!!"


~to be continued~

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