Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Glasgow trip Part2

On xmas day..

we went out quite late as most shops are closed on this day and even the public transport was not available!!
so we walked around glasgow..
WOW...a very nice pic taken by w.nien
in front of barony hall..the place where we had exams last semester..bergaya betul..

yeng ler??:P
outside Glasgow Cathedral (St Mungo's Cathedral)..just noe the name of this cathedral after checking thru wikipedia..:P Wanted to squeeze into the pic bt kena halau...*sigh*

COS...the statue was stated as JAMES WHITE..thus the reason why JAMES was on one side and SIPENG was on the other side( he was wearing white jacket)...LAME!!!:P

very nice view from Glasgow Necropolis..

Glasgow Necropolis is actually a Victorian cemetery in glasgow..located very near to the Glasgow fact we've never been there as well..ahaha..but i glad we found the place by accident
ooo..and according to wikipedia..this bridge is actually known as the "Bridge of Sighs" because it was part of the route of funeral processions..
this place is quite unique..

i often do u hear ppl visiting cemetery and take tonnes of pictures there?
see??macam taking MVs..
The tombs dont look scary contrast, i find the place very serene..:)

since its located on a hill..we got to see nice view of Glasgow city..

oops..macam promoting ppl to visit the cemetery pulak..haha..

went to Glasgow Green for a while..GLASGOW GREEN was no longer GREEN as there were few leaves to be seen..
The empty street of glasgow..
The one and only time when Buchanan street was isolated..took our own sweet time to stroll along the street..
"grabbing" apple..:P

after that we went to chukoku for the xmas buffet..there was soooo much seafood available!!!lol..can still remember everyone's "WHOA!!!" expressions..we even bet who would eat the most...pun and alan became the hot pick..unexpectedly mashi seemed to win-he spent most of the time eating the seafood there (about 5+ plates??:P)

the consequences of eating too much??

sipeng ate til nearly vomited..hahaha...
i personally LOVE this two pics...
1st pic..can still pose like a star while alan and james were taking pics...the reflection from the mirror was so clear!!

eh....stop taking pics!!!
(the 2 cameras are still aiming at him) MUAHAHAHAH...

for the full version of wat happened..pls view suechoo's blog for the video..rili funny!!!!!
at nite..
we had a very relaxed session..e.g..guitar+singing..chatting..and i had fun playing taiti..hohoho..kailun and i are rili best partners in playing taiti..whole nite onli kalah 1 or 2 rounds eventhough mashi kept using his small eyes to peep our cards. alan also did the same to mashi, but i guess he din notice cos was too busy looking at our cards..hahaha...
basically..tats about it on our "glasgow trip"..glasgow city isnt that interesting compared to our following destinations..but its the companions we had that really made a difference..:)


jamsi said...

sehr gut!

ahying^ said...

woi da blur..forgot to mention in my blog that i miss the poker cards..hahaha!!

Kai Lun said...

u knwo wat?i think u r really my lucky star.coz the night following,i almost lost every round in Taiti...
anyway,i really appreciate the time we had in glasgow.u r rite!it is the companions that u had made the difference!
La vie est belle!

ah pan said...

ya companions.

the cemetery really has nice views..

good post mingying!

ahying^ said...

kai lun..hehe!!HAVE to meet up again for another taiti session ok??!:)

ah pan: arigato!!:) come today ur comment tak lame PUN??:P

ah pan said...

i am lame for once a while only