Friday, 11 January 2008


thanks a lot to yannee..was reading through her blog and she recommended this i downloaded the movie thru tudou and watched it last nite..

"ONCE" is actually an Irish musical film taken during 2006. The movie was very realistic and down to earth, simple but beautiful..the shots were taken entirely in and around dublin and the songs were performed live..The two leads- Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova are both professional musicians and not trained actor/actress and the two became a couple in real life!! (Hansard is the singer in Irish Band "The Frames" whereas director Carney was the former bassist for the Frames).

Anyway, i was totally captivated by the music...IT WAS AWESOME!!!Hansard wrote most of the songs..and his voice is soooo powerful!!Irglova has a sweet voice as well..and i cant belif that she's only 19 this year!!i liked the songs so much that i HAVE to search for all of them today..:))) yup..i've posted the songs in my blog..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!so do enjoy..:)


LiTe_BLuE said...
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G Wan said...

mingying!!! u have one 知音 here ;p

i am deeply in love with ONCE too!! it's amazing how a simple movie like this made me feel engaging throughout the whole show.

and the songs are all so nice!! downloaded the whole soundtrack and love listening to it while i'm walking on the street alone :p

let me know if u want the songs!

ahying^ said...

ah wan!!haha..din noe u read my blog:P..i wan the songs!!!cos its very hard to download songs here, mostly kena blocked..thanks a lot!!!:)..u bek to m'sia d isit??add me time neva sampat with u d!!

G Wan said...

found ur blog from suechoo's. hehe, secret reader :p

i think u're on my msn list dy. sure, will send to u when we're online together ;) so school has started?

not yet. i've graduated. but will stay here for another half a year or so. going back home for cny though, just two weeks. can't wait for ang pows and foooooooood!!!

seeing u guys having fun trips one after another, i'm more determined to make more $ to go travelling. to meet u guys, the sampat ones, ehhe. hopefully can make a trip there around june or july! am i welcomed? :p

ahying^ said...

hehe..its really nice to hear from u agn..yah..have been doing lab for the 2nd week, nice..can go back m'sia to enjoy the good food there!!yup..of course u're welcomed larr..:))we'll probably go back m'sia during the end of july..

lin said...

ah ming ying! terima kasih for this piece of info! tot go back msia buy dvd tim. wat la me, tudou is my source of drama series everyday, but i totally din think of searching this movie there?! so stupid haha. wil watch soon.