Friday, 11 January 2008

Edinburgh trip- 26th dec

On boxing day, we went to Edinburgh..

pohsen went to the bus stop to pick us up..haha..everyone was so excited to see him and surrounded him like he's some sort of celebrity..:p

the 1st place we went to was calton hill...
WAHHHHH...very nice weather and breathtaking scenery..

with professional photographers around..we managed to take nice pics (and weird pics) ..if u dunno wat i mean..pls read about sc's post about weird ahpek
as usual..the camera-sensitive guys..haha..

Next, we walked along the Royal Mile, situated at the Edinburgh Old Town.. Its a very long street connecting to the Edinburgh Castle..the last time i went to Edinburgh was with my parents..we spent half a day strolling along the street going to some of the old shops and there were also some street artists who were selling their paintings and all..

this time..there werent many ppl around..but the Royal Mile was still my personal favourite place in Edinburgh..along the way..there's countless specialized shop selling souvenirs and places of historical and cultural interest..

The classic UK red telephone booths spotted along the street..
front view of Edinburgh Castle..

also in front of the Edinburgh Castle..The scene from the castle..

Also went to the Scotch Whisky Experience right beside the Edinburgh Castle..

tried a few types of whisky..

When we were walking along the Royal Mile, we saw this:
sipeng: hey..this is the place where u shud stand and spit..and it'll bring u goodluck..

me : WAHAHAHAH..yah rite!!

sipeng: woi serious...why everytime when im serious nobody belif me?WHY??

hahaha...sorry sipeng..i shud've belif u..u're rite..:)
this is wat i found from wikipedia..

By the West Door of St Giles is the Heart of Midlothian, a heart-shaped mosaic built into the pavement marking the site of the former Tolbooth (prison). Tolbooth prisoners used to spit as they entered the prison, and this tradition is maintained by some people, who spit on the Heart for good luck as they walk past.

After that..we were back to the city centre of Edinburgh..visited the xmas market there as well, which was very much similar to the Glasgow xmas market..
this was taken at Princes Street...the very busy street with lots of shops around..still prefer the Edinburgh Old Town..:p

Do-re-mi..:P was time to part with our tour guide of the day-pohsen..Thanks a lot for bringing us around!!haha..we forgive u for not coming to glasgow..hiakz..

At the bus station..kailun hid my bag (sc being the mastermind behind:P)..i started to get rili nervous..and all of a sudden..kailun ran and "dramatically" showed that he found my bag..eeeee...good acting arr!!^-^...the whole situation was rili funny..but too bad i cant describe it thru words.. at that time i really cuaksai larr...:p
Before leaving edinburgh..

Back to glasgow at around 7 sumthing..since there were posters everywhere promoting Will Smith's I AM LEGEND that was released on boxing day..we figured it was worth watching.. so we rushed to watch the 9pm show..WE WERE REALLY RACING WITH TIME as we need to eat, send laundry, buy movie tickets in such a short time!!
however, the movie turned out to be a disappointment for just ended abruptly and we were like "WAT???!!!"lol..had a good laugh about it..
Anyway, Edinburgh trip was fun for the movie, it will certainly be something that we'll remember forever..:P

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