Friday, 25 January 2008


in december..we witnessed our 1st SLEET(intermediate between rain and snow)..
we got sooo excited cos at 1st we tot it was SNOW..-_-

here's some pics we took at that time..

The 3 syok sendiri J5 residents + kh..
they phoned us and ran to our apartment for better view of sleet~~~

me excitedly calling yi shan...
yi shan: many ppl in ur house???cant hear u..onli can hear ppl screaming~~~
cos the others were screaming like mad..:P

sue choo was trying to capture the sleet with her pouch..

and the precious few sleet on the pouch..hahaha..used black colour pouch summore to contrast the tiny sleet..
lol..funny lar these pics..
at approx 10.20 am...WE WITNESSED OUR 1st SNOW!!!
kh excitedly told us bout the snow..and the 3 of us stood by the window (poor sc was out and missed it).....and started SCREAMING, SCREAMING AND SCREAMING...choysuokteng was standing beside me..and i nearly became deaf...wahahaha
ehehe..excitedlarr..its so AMAZING to look at the snow falling from the sky in real life..and i planned to go down and take pics when there was a layer of snow on the floor...
but too bad..the 1st snow that i witnessed only lasted 5 mins..haih...wish i can see more of this..
tak sempat to take these from darren..
ahaha..trying to illustrate hw i stretched my hand out to feel the snow..:P..

really snowing woi~~~~
ppl..if next time it snows again in glasgow..dun hesitate to call me arr..

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