Sunday, 6 January 2008

Glasgow trip Part 1

we had quite a lot of visitors 2 weeks ago..

kailun and alex came to visit us on the 22nd evening, whereas alan reached on the 23rd morning (all 3 of them are currently studying in france) alan wanted to surprise them, we din tell the other 2 that alan was coming as well..the 2 of them were shocked when they saw him at the bus station..haha!!:p..very happy to see the 3 of them again after so long....:))

on that morning, we brought them to the barras market, which is only open during weekend and has all kinds of things that u can think of..antiques, furnitures, 2nd hand books, paintings..etc..

er..maybe its more appropriate to say that they accompanied us to the market cos ended up we bought lots of food such as pork,fruits and vege..

this was taken when peifong and yishan were lining up to buy pork..:p..the pork there was cheap..were sooo excited!!(damn SILAI woi..hahaha)

the pretty SILAI...:P
after that we went to drums and monkey to have our lunch.. (no pics available yet..)
jalan-jalan around the shopping street in glasgow..the place is crowded with ppl rushing to buy xmas presents!!

since it was the last day of the xmas market..we went to have a look at the nice but expensive things there..

The gallery of modern art..looks quite nice at night..sorry to say that til nw we've never visited it yet..:p

at night..we prepared tonnes of food to feed the stomach of 10 guys..i salute suechoo as she had to cook non-stop, HEBAT!!..:)..and the food was DELICIOUS!! kh and st went to fetch the other 7 guys (pun, sipeng,sekfatt, wee nien, james, mashi and ahmeng) we were so EXCITED to see them again..its amazing that the place can fit in 14 ppl, including 10 guys!!haha..and sorry to block J ppl if u heard us screaming and laughing so much..:p
The next day (xmas eve)..

outside James Blyth Court..

We had scottish breakfast at the Counting House..the environment was superb..and the price was reasonable as well..all of us tried haggis and black pudding for the first experience is enough for me, the taste was really hard to describe..:p..shud be a very memorable for the others as well..hiakzz..

on the way to kelvingrove museum..

some of the nice pics taken outside the museum..

We also managed to visit the Museum of transport..

cool pics eh??rili look as if we were about to board the bus..we can be good actors and actresses!!can zoom in to see our expressions if u dun belif...

Some really nice views taken..

At nite..we had the best xmas party ever..

before this..we had been thinking of ways to decorate our house, shopping for groceries and buying decorations for THE NITE..and i think our apartment really transform into a very homely place nw..:)

The xmas tree that we bought more than 2 months ago..haha..actually each decoration e.g the black paper and the lighting has its own stories behind it...

wow..looking at those food can still make me hungry..LOVE each and every dish..the turkey was very delicious as well!!!it became sc's best fren for a while as sc touched, massaged and talked to it while marinating it for several times in a day..

we also asked everyone to prepare a xmas present and hide it whenever they had chance..and before they reached glasgow, we already wrapped several fake presents and placed it all around our apartment..

once the game started..everyone rushed out and searched everywhere..i must say that the presents were all well hidden...and the few of us just couldnt find the presents!!argh.....since the beginning there was this present placed VERY OBVIOUSLY on my shelf and all of us just din wanna take it cos obviously..whoever who placed it there must be VERY LAZY and taking it would mean there was no thrill in searching..

BUT...eventually, tension was building up as more and more ppl found the presents (some of it were fake ones..and they had to start searching again)
finally i had to give up and take the gift..ARGHHHHH..have to admit that im lousy in searching things...cant find any gifts in my own apartment???!!!!i cant belif it.....
everyone took turns to open their gifts..and yup..that was the gift that i got..thanks mashi!!i like the gift..but it'd be better if i've FOUND it instead of TAKE it from my shelf..

The highlight of the nite was definitely the performace by the got talent the songs they sang and the spontaneous rap by was REALLY NICE!!!*clap clap*..thanks for the effort, guys!!:))

and finally...

nice group photos taken on that nite...

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sekfatt said...

look at the pic taken outside the museum...y james keep starring at leng cai pun while every1 looking at the camera....2nd hardcore fan of pun?