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Inverness trip-29th dec

This is going to be a really long post..

The previous nite, we were discussing on wat time we shall leave the hostel..someone suggested "7am" and we were like..."whoa!!!serious bor?sure cant larr!!"

Who knows..on that morning, i heard footsteps and people talking when i was half dreaming..and within minutes, it seemed that everyone had woken up!!it was freaking 6am that time..haha..semangat woi!!so each of us got up and prepared ourselves..the kitchen wasnt even opened yet, so we only managed to eat a light breakfast..we left at around 7.10am..SALUTE!!*clap clap*

wanted to look for place to have a decent breakfast..but most shops werent even opened yet..

the surrounding was in total darkness when we left..

this was some random place that we stopped by as we witnessed sunrise at around 9am..

At about 10am, we reached the Eilean Donan Castle!!!

The castle sits on an island between three lochs; Loch Long, Loch Alsh and Loch Duich.It was built during Alexander II's reign (1214-1250). Now, it has become one of Scotland most photographed castles thanks to its picturesque setting on an islet in Loch Duich by the main road to Kyle of Lochalsh (gateway to the Isle of Skye).

The view put me in awe..i could see the clouds clearly from the reflection of water..(simply loving this..btw this pic is my desktop wallpaper nw:P)
Every angle around the castle looked spectacular..

for example..
and THIS!! omg..actually there are many more photos that i'd love to include..

Anyway..i was busy looking around when i was in the car..stayed widely awake as the surrounding was so nice!!tried to capture some of them..

the lake and mountains were in sight..

~peaceful...the beauty of nature..

Soon, we've passed the Skye bridge that linked the mainland and the Isle of Skye!!

The Isle of Skye, commonly known as Skye, is the largest and most northerly island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. It is sometimes referred as the "Isle of Mist"..most friends who've been there told us that there would only be a few days in a year that the island is free of mist and rain..that had been our biggest worry ever since we planned to go there..and we just COULDNT BELIF OUR LUCK- the weather that day was very good..there was even sunshine!!

We reached Kyleakin, which was very near to the Skye bridge..but when we were there..there was NOBODY around the place..except US, which was kinda scary!!there was no car or people along the road..very much reminded us the scene in "I AM LEGEND"..

there was a harbour in sight..

we entered a man appeared after a few we asked for his help to look for the nearest restaurant and we oso asked him why the place was so isolated.. according to him, Kyleakin would only be busy at night or during summer..

So, we went further to Broadford, the 2nd largest town on the Isle of Skye..
and again, this place was quiet with few ppl around..

There was also a harbour at Broadford..
The mountains in sight were probably the Red Cuilin mountains..

hehe..still had to take pics before moving on to Portree, since that restaurant in Broadford would only provide lunch in another half an hour..

finally, the quest of looking for food ended after we found a nice restaurant in Portree..
Portree, according to internet source, is the largest settlement, and main service centre on the island..hehe..this town has got more shops compared to the previous 2 that we've been to..:P
had another meal of western food..
soon, we continued our journey and would stop whenever we see nice view..

relaxed ewe/sheep were everywhere!!they simply ignored us and continued eating without moving at all..(no wonder so fat lah..) but there was one or two that came near to our cars..cute...:)
started singing beyond's 海阔天空 after seeing this..

omg..the ocean was soooo blue and nice!!there seemed to be no boundaries..thus we named the place as天涯海角..:P..oh.. the black shadow was actually a cow looking at the ocean..
* words could describe hw we felt back then.. it was rili cold that we din feel like jumping into the cars..i just stood there--kept looking and recording the view into my head..and yup..i can still remember it clearly nw..:)

it looked as though we were heading into the ocean..

our next stop was kiltrock..
the waterfall looked spectacular...
sunset at around 4pm..

luckily we did manage to cover the whole island before sunset..hoho..good thing that we woke up early..:) the journey back to inverness took nearly 3 hours..must be kinda tiring for the 4 drivers-pun, mashu,james and wee nien who took turns driving to and fro Isle of Skye..thanks again ya.:)

Had our dinner back in Inverness..
for me, this restaurant was the best restaurant among the few that we've tried in inverness..but darn!!i forgot the name, if anyone remembered pls tell me k..there was live music and i rili loved the songs that they played..wat made it even more unique was that we were the few youngsters around..the others in the restaurant were old people..they started dancing and enjoying themselves when the music was played..there was this uncle who kept changing his dancing partner, whereas another aunty had the exact dance moves for every song... it felt great looking at them as i could feel their happiness..:))
awww...i rili LOVE Isle of Skye and Inverness~~~~~
~to be continued..

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