Saturday, 5 January 2008


Once again..the end of another long-planned trip and again, we're indulged in reminiscence..

The glasgow-edinburgh-inverness-london trip had been planned ever since the end of september, after our 1st trip together..the previous prague-austria-germany trip was full of laughter, surprises and sweet memories..we owe this to the detailed planning by the guys..therefore, as the hosts for this time..*cough, we were determined to make sure that this trip is as enjoyable and memorable as the previous ones..

going to trip together has formed a special bond between us..i dunno whether the others felt the same way..but i feel that we're becoming a close-knit family..we can laugh like nobody's business, hugging each other,exchanging glances and knowing wat others are simple terms..its really comfortable when we're together and i enjoyed every moment that we spent together..

im not sure hw detail i'll write regarding this trip..we took more than thousand pics together, and we're still figuring the best way to exchange photos..therefore i shall leave the earlier parts of the trip to some other day and describe wat happened last night..

when we first planned for this trip, the guys told us that they decided to take an early flight on 4th jan back to germany, and therefore will stay a nite in Stansted airport, london..after discussing, the 4 of us decided to give them a surprise by taking an early flight bek to glasgow instead of nite bus ..and for this, we've to keep this secret for nearly 3 months and repeatedly telling them we'll leave on 3rd nite..after acting for some time, im convinced by my own lies..when glen asked me when we're leaving london, without hesitation i told him we're going bek using nite ar, glen!!:p)

so..last nite, we had late dinner and since we told them our "nite bus" was on 12am..they were getting nervous when the time drew closer..they kept telling us to hurry up whereas 4 of us were very relaxed..hahaha..but to make it a bit more realistic..we did walk extremely fast bek to hostel to carry our heavy luggage and rushed to the bus station..

according to our plan..the terravision bus was supposed to be there and we'd pretend to send them off and jumped on the bus at the very last minute..however, we din expect the next terravision bus was at 240am!!haha!!sooo...we've to go to victoria coach station to use the national express then it was over 12am, so we'd to come up with a new story that we shall use the next bus on 1230am bek to glasgow..anyway..whenever they asked us questions, we just ignored them and keep asking them to rush to the coach station..

so after they had placed their luggage into the luggage place under the bus, we too immediately threw our bags in..and we started hearing "eee??" "ei??!!" sounds behind..when we turned,their facial expressions were totally priceless!!!HAHAHA!!!all 6 of them were shocked , showing blank faces full of question marks..apparently they din suspect anything...YEAHHHHHHH, SUUUUURRRPPRISEEEE.....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!..:p...felt very satisfied and proud that we have successfully tricked them..:))))after that we had to fill them in with the details and they still cant belif that they din notice anything and kena tipu by us..hiakz..

the few hours that we spent together in the Stansted airport..

illegal immigrants with no place to stay..:p

i've spent the few hours in the airport chatting..drinking hot mocha and walking around the airport without any sleep..we've also found voyager..a small arcade at the very end of the airport..mashi, james and wee nien ended up spending nearly all their remaining coins feeding the very good way indeed to keep u awake..

anyway..cant belif 10 days have passed so quickly..this trip wont be as fun and memorable without u ppl who form the best companions..thanks a lot for all the memorable experiences...hopefully we can travel together someday in the future..*hugz


sek fatt said...

u 4 really got a bit potential to be actress la...

suokteng said...

hohohoho...the 2bloggers in my rumah started their engines ly..

suechoo said...

haha...i din gt d chance 2 look at their expressions cos i was too busy pretending and acting selamba saja. anyway, this is definitely another trip the we'll remember forever. ;p

james said...

a big surprise though!!