Sunday, 20 January 2008

American beauty

Watched american beauty (filmed in 1999) on fri nite..which is a dark and bitterly funny film..the film was starred by brilliant actors and actresses (kevin spacey, thora birch, wes bentley..etc) Kevin Spacey won the Oscar award for this film, which i think he totally deserved it..the plot was unpredictable and kept me guessing throughout the 2 hours..

The title of the film refers to a breed of roses that while pretty and appealing in appearance, is often prone to rot underneath at the roots and branches of the plant. Thus the tag line 'look closer' tells the viewer when they look beyond the 'perfect suburban life' they will find something rancid at the root...

The story was basically about Lester Burnham, his wife and daughter, people around them and hw they affect one another's lives. everyone looked normal, and yet..each of them had their own darkest secrets..although they were unhappy,to outsiders..they were the ideal family..

Lester was being portrayed as an unhappily-married, midlife-crisis suburban male..he hated his routine and normal life..but he was terrified to change..the other characters in the film oso had very distintive and not-so-likeable characteristics..personally,i think Wes Bentley totally shone in the movie..he acted as the weird teenager living next door who sells drug..somehow, the plot would cause the audience to sympathise them instead of criticising them..
this is another movie that i'd recommend..i wont reveal too much about the storyline (too lazy to write + the story was kinda complicated) go and watch it if u're interested...:)


lin said...

hey a surprising entry=) can't rmb much abt this movie watch ages ago. yep wes bently my fav too! wat strikes me the moz was when he captured video of the plastic bag dancing in the wind, transform sth so ugly to sth so beautiful, that's wat i can rmb clearly until today haha. it's cool! muahaha juicy bits in suburbia.. nvr fail to interest kepoh ppl like me... dang no wonder i'm addicted to the silly desperate housewifes!

mingying said...

hey s.lin!!:P..comment at surprised as well!!haha..ya..i oso think that the plastic bag video is the best scene in the movie, wat he said was very impressive too..actually i kinda look forward to wes bentley's scene throughout the movie..his response is oways short but precise..:)lol..i've stopped watching desperate housewives d..the story nvr seems to end..:p