Friday, 1 February 2008

something to ponder..

after the normal lecture today, 3 lecturers stepped into the hall and discussed with us about our assignments..

apparently, they've received complaints from the students bout the workload and they were here to listen to our opinions..and once they'd asked us to voice out our opinions..the home students were already raising their hands..

one opinion came after another, with long explanations by the foreign students..and they fully expressed their dissatisfaction with the workload given..

at some point one of the students was bombarding one of the lecturers (who we dun like also,haha!) and when he didnt answer the question directly..he kena bombarded!!

all the while we, the malaysians were just watching in surprise and shock!! and after the discussions, the lecturers promised to tell us their final decisions next week..which means they'll probably reduced 3 essays into 2..*fingers crossed* (phew..havent started doing any yet..)..

wow..another cultural shock for me..:))...throughout the years of studying..we've oways been obeying watever we were asked to do..even when the assignments/homework thrown at us were a never even registered to our brains that we could actually voice out our opinions!! the reasons are probably : we feel that we were obliged to be obedient/ the teachers will probably say "thats ur responsibilities as students.."/no changes wil be made even if we do complain..

so at the end of the day..we were all trained to become robots who are hardworking, obeying the instructions of others, never consider that we can actually question them or say "no" if we dun feel like doing it..hmmm.....

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