Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Windermere trip..

1st time taking a long journey train from glasgow to windermere,lake district situated at the northwest england..

yay!!meeting siewsing and sing yee after a year..

the next to arrive were ahguan and glen, alice and boonhui..:)

went to buy groceries in ASDA..

had to rush as the edinburgh gang were reaching soon followed by the dundee gang; so we split into the "barbeque group" and "breakfast group" and started hunting for all the things we need as fast as possible..

a picture does say a thousand words...

look closely at the above pic..besides the two of us happily carrying the BEER; alice was carrying 30 eggs; ahkat and siew sing paying; b.hui and ahguan still taking things at the back;1 angmoh looking at us..lol!!!

that was the 1st time that i bought things in such speed and end up with SOO MANY THINGS..

this was onli half of wat we bought..oops..haha!!the cashier was shocked and kept on laughing and asked us hw many ppl we have etc..

soooooo..finally after picking up the rest, our trip/reunion was complete with the 15 of us..it FELT GREAT TO SEE EVERYONE AGAIN!!!!!!basically we spent the nite laughing and toking non-stop while eating..:)

the next day..
car ride around the lake district..
this was at St. Oswald's Churchyard, Grasmere..where william wordsworth, the famous poet was buried here (no idea who he was, but he should be quite famous larr cos his home and the graveyard were among the tourist attractions..)

went to castlerigg stone circle, keswick after that..

The circle was probably constructed around 3200 BC (Late Neolitic), making it one of the earliest stone circles in Britain and possibly Europe, too.

Take 1: glen purposely blocked siew sing and sing yee (a weird ahpek with hood stood behind..:P)
Take 2: kena marah by our big sister sing yee..

Take 3: finally ends up with pangsai pose..:P

more ppl with the pose..haha..

ooiii.....rili shitting??!!!

all guys proudly present their HOODS...except ps..

the wind was so strong that our hair was blowing in different directions..it was sooo cold that we decided to hug each other..

whereas these 2 prefer to hug THE ROCK??!!

after that..had our lunch at the white horse inn..
while waiting for our meals..

we played the super stressful game..take turns filling alphabets to form a word..

TEAM A..discussing strategy in a very serious manner..

whereas team B were hao-lianly happily posing with the victory sign.. obviously u know who won..

quote from siew sing: take it easy lah guys...its only a game..relax.....wahaha!!

the next destination was the waterfall..

on the way to the waterfall..

nice scenery..

at the waterfall...KUCHINGITES!!:)

the semenanjung ppl(eh..mana kok hooi??)...tak sempat to take the swkian ppl cos too many ppl were waiting to snap pics at that spot..kesian alice and sing yee..:p


the long-awaited BARBEQUE!!!
1st and probably the onli time we had barbeque in WINTER...wow..the weather was super cold..

some of us din wear our winter jacket..so we were practically trembling and busy barbeque-ing at the same time...haha..bt it was rili fun..

the food was finger-licking good...very very delicious!!!!!

satisfied faces..

game session at nite..with beer and unfinished food as punishment..wahahaha..was laughing so much with the crazy ppl around..sparks were everywhere (especially betw tg and ss)..hahaha...

it snowed heavily at nite..and we enjoyed ourselves having a snowfight attacking each other..

the next day..

SNOW!!this was taken outside the caravans we stayed..

went for the Windermere lake cruises

titanic...look hw happy they were!!

all the camera-sensitive ppl...everyone will automatically squeeze together within seconds whenever we saw a camera aiming at us..

reached bowness, a very nice small town..had lunch there and a quick walk around the town..

not long after that..we sent yee leng and kokhooi to the train station..

another funny game session at nite..played mafia with many professional killers around..gt confused cos everyone could tipu very well...wahlaooo..

time flies...
and it was our time to leave windermere..whereas the rest left 2 hrs later..

poor ahguan..he was soooo sad to see us leaving..hahaha!!

the more i looked at the pics, the more i miss u ppl larr..that was definitely a PERFECT WEEKEND...fun and memorable with non-stop laughter:)))

i noe most of us are very busy at the moment..bt im glad that u guys make it for the trip at last..thanks for everything..:))

I MISS U ALL......


suechoo said...

hahaha...nice post. i like the pics whr ah kat kena marah by sing yee. hehehe!! very very detail compared to wat i had written...hahaha...good good...i shoud link to ur blog la. ;p

siew sing chua said...

hey gal, cool descriptions... touching man!!! "i can confirm" everyone is gonna to miss this ,moment....thanks ... miss u guys...