Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Paris Trip..

Went to paris for a very short trip bout 3 weeks ago with sc, pun and kailun, and it was really fun FUN FUN..

The Basilique du Sacré-Cœur or "Basilica of the Sacred Heart"..

The Roman Catholic basilica and a popular landmark in Paris, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus..there is a garden where a few street performers/artists were performing to the tourists..there was this really cool black footballer showing his skills and attracted A LOT of gals around..hiakz..from the top, we could see the panoramic view of Paris..

happy sekali..i cant remember why we were laughing so crazily..:P

Arc de of the most famous monuments in Paris.. commissioned in 1806 after the victory at Austerlitz by Emperor Napoleon I at the peak of his fortunes...

Avenue des Champs-Elysées...this street is full of branded stuff!!very nice street but definitely not suitable for us..omg..was "whoa!!!" "whoaaaa!!"-ing most of the time.. went in to louis vuitton..90% of the customers are rich asian aunties..and they were buying things as if the bags were very cheap..few hundred euros for a small bag with a big LV on it..hmm..

at night..we walked back to the Arc de Triomphe..climbed 284 steps to reach the top of the Arc,phew..was rili breathless when we reached..

according to pun's research, can see really nice view of Paris from the top, which was quite true..the Arc is actually located in the middle of a roundabout with 12 roads branching from it..
very strong wind we couldnt take many pics..

the next day..

PARIS DISNEYLAND!!!!a place where dreams come true...

come here must act cute marr...kawaiiiiii nehhhhhh!!:P

managed to watch the lion king show..the performance was great!!!and i totally love their voice and songs..

disneyland is of course..a paradise for the kids..
can see happy faces of kids everywhere..asking autographs from their adorable..

aiyo..hehe..we also berebut with the kids to snap pic with goofy..(kailun and pun did the same thing also ok...)

everything in disneyland was decorated like what we've seen in fairy tales..very nice view....

we also tried on a few rides..
fun..but not scary at all lah..LOL!!!i still find this pic VERY FUNNY!!!pls pls ZOOM IN and have a closer look..3 of us were SMILING HAPPILY whereas kailun had the very SHOCKED face..wahahahaha..
and the ride that i enjoyed the most was at the "hollywood tower"..cant stop laughing when i was there, cos it was totally unexpected and fun..hehe..whoever planning to go disneyland must try this ok..then u'll get what i mean..

The Disneyland Parade..this is where the disney songs were played repeatedly..and we could see snow white..prince..witch..etc..all in front of our eyes..yah yah i noe im all grown listening to the songs and watching all the characters that we've seen during childhood..the feeling was simply overwhelming..
looking at the kids around me being so excited..and families joyfully walking around..the happy atmosphere just got into me, and i was rili happy and glad that i've gone there..
At 7pm..right before disneyland closes, we rushed to the front of the castle again..there was one last performance..and tata!!!all the lights were lid up.....awwwwww, rili very niceeee..........a perfect ending for the disneyland trip~~

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