Friday, 21 March 2008

another random post ^o^

some random pics taken in march..

bout 2 weeks ago..we went to mussell inn to EAT MUSSELS!!

very yummy one...with cheese; white wine.....etc..

us..we actually had bout 20 ppl going there..

all becos of y.wee who came over to visit us..:))

[last weekend k.foong came over from edinburgh too bad we forgot to take pics lah!!!hmm..must come n visit us again..:) ]

few days ago..
the 3 of us suddenly felt like eating dim sum..

we came to glasgow chinatown for the 1st time after staying here for 8 months..

this was the restaurant..amazing rite??!!rili looks like d restaurant in m'sia lerr...with soo many asians around..seems like we're in a different dimension.. (the pic rili looked as though me and ahteng went to attend sumbody's funny lah..)

look at our greedy +happy faces!!!
the food was AWESOME!!!!

haha..i oso dunno why the pic of food turned out to be much bigger than our pretty faces..

oooooo...look how tempting the food is............

food can rili make me happyyyyy~~~~~~~~~


about a month ago..
we experienced yet another snow in glasgow..

sad to might be the last time we see snow in glasgow..
the scene taken from my window..

not long after that..we went down to take pics..

and'll be SPRING!!!
look how beautiful the sky is~~~~~~

its ironic that ever since i've been here..i've noticed so many things that i'd probably ignored in the past..

the sight of the blue starting to bloom again..and SUNLIGHT..

i'd learned to slow down my pace to look hw beautiful all this is..

as cliche as it may treasuring every moment here.. :)


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