Sunday, 13 April 2008

amsterdam trip..

this was not an ordinary trip..

even before the trip started, we experienced adrenaline rush to the max. the 4 of us took our time to walk to central station and realised that we missed the train by mere minutes; the next train was too late- we din expect the train to be less frequent due to sunday,so had to rush to bus station instead.saw the bus on the way,waved frantically but the driver just shook his head and drove pass; we had no choice but to take taxi and rushed to prestwick airport onli to realise that the flight was delayed for 2 hrs..-_-

another drama took place the next morning in london stansted airport where there was a really long queue..the officers were really strict and we were still stuck there at 645am (our flight was 7am)once we gt thru, we started running like mad..found out that we need to wait for 2mins to take another train to our terminal..heartbeat was racing n started running as fast as possible to the terminal which unfornately was the last terminal along the LooooooooooNNGGG corridor..
*real-life amazing race*...luckily we still sempat to board the plane at 7am sharp (we were the last to enter the flight)phewww...if not james and mashi wil hv their memorable amsterdam trip without us..haha..

the 1st meal in amsterdam after meeting up with the guys..dutch pancake is super nice~~~

floating flower market..
sex museum..very interesting and educational tour, u'll see all kinds of interesting things u've never imagined..hahaha..(probably wil post more pics on this later)...

walked around the red light to watch the sexy gals posing in the famous windows..watched our 1st ever live sex show...the couples had no chemistry between them, and it seemed to be merely a "show" by performing different weird and challenging poses..the highlight of the night?haha..when james was chosen.. we couldnt help but"ewwwww....AWWWW!!OMG!!!!how??!!" while watching
boat cruise to see the nice scenery of amsterdam..enjoyed looking at their unique buildings..

some "special" chocs...:P
many attempts of capturing us jumping..sigh...hav to admit that i've short legs..very diff to jump larr!!!
the Rijksmuseum..about the history of netherlands..some of the paintings were quite interesting, e.g there was a painting with lotsa ppl in it..and one of the guys in the pic was actually pee-ing; and a few very realistic food paintings which made us stood there in admiration(cos we were very hungry that time..:P)

had dinner at the sports cafe..ordered unlimited spare-ribs and these were the bones left..kekeke..din touch the carnivor marr..:)

anyway..we watched the arsenal vs liverpool match there (the score was 2:4)..buuuhuuu...kesian all the arsenal fans..oni happy for a few mins before liverpool scored another goal..dramatic sekali(* free meal for us...)
we went to kinderdijk on the 3rd day..
for the windmills..the scenery was rili rili niceee....enjoyed it a lot..
arrrghhh...i was the oni one that dunno hw to poor lucky james had to gv me a ride ard the small town..*thanx a lot:))

the long-awaited magic mushroom time in the hostel!!! (also tried smoking marijuana..veli funny experience...hv to practice hw to smoke in a correct way; hv to mix marijuana +tobacco like 古惑仔..curi-curi smoke outside hostel like a bunch of kids doing bad things for the 1st too bad we din feel the effect of marijuana..)
anyway...we experienced the "hehe-haha" effect after eating the magic mushroom(as described by the sellers)..felt super high and 5 of us couldnt stop laughing (st din try so much so she was the oni normal one left)laughed at every statement thou it was not funny..somehw jz couldnt control ourselves..couldnt stop smiling when toking to them as well..i gt the static smile which made them laugh non-stop;

sc: eh mashu..i wan my the bag over ther...
mashi: (walk super slowly) wat? where?
sc: there..beside the bed..there...
mashi: huh??where ar??
sc:there....(repeat for a few times..still smiling..)
mashi: (finally found the bag)errr...wat is that u wan me to find??

*sc=super patient; mashi=super blur* (opposite to their usual characteristics..wahahahah)

shirlyn: hey..we couldnt let drugs control ourselves....STOP~~~~
mashi: im floating....
me: very very pening...
james: i felt the effect ears r burning~~~
shirlyn:tats bcos u're sitting beside the lightbulb..(the bulb was beside his ears...LOL~~~~)
mashi: hey dun ask me..i duno larr..cant think properly...
sc: someone pulling my blanket...
james: huh??who??
sc: someone pulling my blanket...(patiently repeating the statement a few times..muahahaha)

the pointless conversations just went on and on while we laughed hysterically, st freaked out and started making mango puree (the antidote of magic mushroom =any sweet things) n when she passed the drinks to us...

US: NOOOOOOO~~~we dun wan~~~~~hahahahhaa~~~~~(of course larr..who'd wan antidote when we felt so high..)

bt after a while..the laughing effect was replaced by whole lot of illusion..hallucination..and we started to feel mind was restless wheneva my eyes were closed..colourful images,shapes, voices, music kept appearing and i couldnt control it at all..occasionally felt cold and it was kinda hard to sleep..a true experience of wat we've learned in lecture before..which i wouldnt forget for a lifetime..
the next day we went to Keukenhof, Netherlands..the world's largest flower garden..

the whole garden was extremely LARGE...

very nice flowers..:)

and was time for us to part again..

PROST~~~~for the eventful and fun amsterdam trip

thanks to st who put in a lot of effort in planning the trip; to sc who looked for the special food in amsterdam; shirlyn the GPS; to mashi and james for bringing so much food(and also tobacco:P) for us..

i rili rili enjoyed the trip a lot..wont forget the laughter, non-stop taiti session at nite, the one and oni time of taking drugs etc etc..all the sweet memories shall remain..:))


kai lun said...

very interesting!
dint try it that time.too bad!

tps said...

Did u guys buy the special chocs and try?? :)

Amsterdam seems like a real fun...hehe

ps: Unlucky Arsenal will be back next season

mingying said...

kai lun: i think the "hehe haha" experience is rili did u witness the sex show?:p

tps: yah!!!must go there and try the drugs..(and the special chocs if u wan..:P)oopsss...heard that arsenal lost to man u agn..another heartbreak arr?:P

suechoo said...

actly, i was talking about 背,NOT 被。haha!! i was saying someone pulled my back, not my blanket la...!! wahahahahahahahahha...the magic mushroom have very long duration of action huh?!;p

shirlyn said...

sc: mingying was sleeping below she doesnt know tht u were doing the action of "someone's pulling my back" ...hehe...

this is really an interesting trip and a trip different from all the other trips i went b4..drugs, sex show, too much laughter and great company! thanks so much for planning it..=)