Friday, 21 March 2008

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY sue choo!!oops..:p

oops..i looked through my posts..and there were a few tat were delayed for quite some time..
i'll try to complete them at random time lah..


18th feb nite..

we went to tiger-tiger for the pre-celebration of sue choo's birthday..


as usual..we took a lot of pictures..

the place was awesome..we were the only customers there and we could happily take pics at every corner we want..

i had duck spring rolls, salmon, and toffee with ice-cream..hiakz..coincidentally everything i ordered that nite was absolutely delicious!!*drool* when i think bout it..:)))
(dun congratulate me for my great memory..actually i kinda forgot bout wat i've eaten..luckily i wrote bout it a mth ago)

with the "syok sendiri" residents of J5..

with the birthday gal..phew witt..berseri-seri ar miss chong!!
the complete group photo with 15 of us..

the mirror reflection using liping's loving this!!

hadnt had a gathering with the gals for a long time d..rili enjoyed myself a lot that nite..laughed and crap so much..

after that we met up with our special guest..

pun and the birthday girl..*ahem* bagai pinang dibelah dua..:P

lol..some of them came to our house to continue chatting..

The next day..
we wanted to give a surprise to sc..
bt half way preparing the food, received sms from pun saying that they were on the way bek..
*shocked +panicking*..

calling everybody to speed up..

sc came bek n saw us preparing the "eclairs" we said we saja felt like eating it and thus preparing it..

dahlah the lame excuse..the eclairs din turn out to be wat it was supposed to be..i go pandai-pandai said sth like..nvm..only we noe hw the real thing looks like...

then kiampak choo started saying "wat?only we noe..means gt other ppl cming isit?isit??isit??!!"

ish....feels like hitting myself..everyone else tried covering up..haha..pun tried to pull her out..

" ur job is to distract me?wahahahah.." omg.....rili feel like punching her...

anyway..after that..everyone came in when she went bathing..
despite the slight failure of surprising her...

the party turned out to be a success..

while preparing..

the gals..with all the nice desserts..tiramisu..choc fountain+fruits..french fries..etc..

n of course with so many gals ard..spent another few hours chit-chatting again..keke..:P...

haha..happy belated birthday sue choo!! (u're officially 24 yrs old +1 month old)
hope u rili enjoyed ur birthday this year..i bet u did..:)))

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