Friday, 14 March 2008

Last day of lecture..:(

Time flies..

i rili cant belif that today's gonna be my last lecture in Uni of Strathclyde..

no more early more lab more chit-chatting/day-dreaming/complaints in the lecture longer can i kap lecturers/cute coursemates..or gossip bout others..

taken before the class started..

after class..we wore our labcoats and took tonnes of pictures together..these are some of the pics from my camera..i wan the group pics taken in the lecture hall just nw!!!!!!!

continue snapping pics at the campus..

the weather was great..but the grass was take these pics..we'd have to wash our shoes and jeans later..


the 1st day when we entered IMU...

taken before leaving IMU..

taken during the summer not long after we came to glasgow

liping did a great job in putting many group pics taken throughout the 3 years into a very nice video..

i've been watching it over and over again..and i saw some of my coursemates nearly cried in the lecture hall after watchin the video jz nw..

it really brought back many sweet and unforgettable memories..

the 1 week orientation where everyone got to know each other better..(all the "gals"..)

the cultural nite..the food fair..and the IMU cup..and of course..the cheerleading competition..:)))

the time when we went out together..the late nite chatting sessions with my housemates..studying together in the imu library..etc etc....

im already starting to miss this....:))))

ahhh....P105/Strathclyde2008 rockzzz..*i luv my batchmates..*

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