Friday, 14 March 2008

Dundee trip

2 weeks ago, k.hong and i spent our weekend in Dundee meeting up with frens..

Had a splendid dinner at a very big and nicely decorated Bangladesh restaurant called "Del'Se" after we'd reached dundee..
the 5 of us..
the food was very tasty and rich...there was this sweet +mango-ish taste sauce that i liked so the indian ice-cream tasted a tasted a bit like almond/marzipan, which we last it was finished after passing around for..5 rounds?lol..

(me:hey..its voted as the best bangladesh restaurant in scotland in 2004 lah!!no wonder the food was soooo nice..
bh:hw many bangladesh restaurant are there in scotland?
us: hmm...ya horrrr....:p)

The next day..we went to St Andrews, a small town located on the east course of Fife, Scotland..

the golf course..y.leng told us that its the 1st golf course in the world, therefore the town is also known as the "house of golf"..

the wind was so strong that our hair was blown in different directions in 90% of the photos taken..
the notice we saw..
need to walk pass the golf course on the way to the beach, which is located very near to the golf course...

The West Sands, largest beaches in St Andrews..this was hw strong the wind could be..we could HEAR the sound and ACTUALLY SEE the sand MOVING very, very quickly...

after that..we walked pass the University of St Andrews..the first university in Scotland..yup..and also the university that PRINCE WILLIAM went to..

in the university..the buildings were all very historical and nice..with gardens surrounding it..wahhh..imagine prince william walked pass :))
taken in front of the St Andrews Castle..
St Andrews Castle is a picturesque ruin located in the coastal Royal Burgh of St Andrews Royal Burgh of St Andrews. The castle sits on a rocky promontory overlooking a small beach called Castle Sands and the adjoining North Sea.

the weather was good..and the scenery was simply unbelievable..:))

on the way to the St Andrews cathedral...(to take this group pic, alice's camera was put on the rubbish bin..hehe..)

The ruins of the Cathedral of St Andrew, at one time Scotland's largest building...

the place was serene and as usual..we took a lot of group pics using self-timer..

bergaya lerr??:P
we ate our lunch at around 3 sumthing at this cosy restaurant..rili starving...
luckily the food was delicious..especially the wedges+cheese+mayo+meat+pepper+duno wat else.. on the right..

managed to walk around the town area at St Andrews and tried their famous ice-cream before we left..
this was taken in the bus on the way back to Dundee..
kok hooi the main chef of da nite!!
~THANKS to kokhooi, y.leng,mok,seet..for coooking so much for us..*terharu sekali..haha..another great meal for us..
Llyod's bar for lunch on the next day...according to the dundee gang, they'd bring frens to the same place everytime when there's visitors..

After sending alice and bh off..we went to the discovery point..where there's this big ship..*1st ship to antartica if i remember correctly*..quote from yeeleng..

okay..according to kok hooi..there's a Tay Bridge and Tay hotel in dundee..and pohsen happily took photos there the last time he visited dundee..(but the Tay hotel sudah bancrupt and its just an abandoned building in the city..haha!) and thanks to us..mok went to discovery point FOR THE FIRST TIME though he'd been staying in dundee for half a year..and tak habis-habis wanna take pics..

alice, this is for u!!3 of us together with the penguins.. (alice=penguin)

since we had time..we went shopping in the shopping mall of dundee..
and yumcha at starbucks..
hehe..the Dundee trip was really fun and memorable thanks to the hospitality of the dundee gang and the sampat couple in aberdeen:P..and especially y.leng who din sleep on thus nite for her assignment but still semangat to bring us around..

thats the gate we climbed..the gate was taller than me!!
i wont forget the experience of running with the others to catch a bus for... 3 times..haha..cos somehow everytime we'll spent a long time toking and suddenly realised that we had not enough time..and had to start running..(the bus stop was 15 mins walk!!!!)
and the time when we need to catch a bus to st andrews..we actually need to use short-cut by CLIMBING the gate and continued running..wahlaooo..^-^

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