Thursday, 6 March 2008

happy birthday..:)

to my bro..

happy birthday..:)))
cant belif u're 29 this year!!

thanks for always being there when i need someone to talk to..
u're always the first person that i look for whenever im in trouble or depressed..(poor u..:P)
cos u'll help me through no matter what
and say the right things and advice to make me feel better..:)

thanks for light up my day with ur lame jokes and crazy acts..which never fail to make me laugh..hehe!!*im so tempted to put screenshots i took of u when we chatted bt i think u'd kill me then..WAHAHA!!

just wanna tell u that u're the best bro that one could have..:))

hehe,im rili not good in words, and this is definitely a tough post to write, very hard to write bday post leh!!

have a great year ahead and hope everything goes well for u..LUV and HUGZ

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