Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Paris Trip 2

at the Concorde..look at the2 hungry ppl..

Place de la Concorde..actually its just a pink granite obelisk in the middle of the square..

according to lonely planet, Muhammad Ali,viceroy and pasha of Egypt (not the muhammad ali that we noe)..gave it to France in 1831, but according to was stolen from Egypt,dunno true or not..:P

see??im not that short...

taken on the way to the Louvre Museum..

Outside the think we spent bout an hour walking around and snapping pics on the way to louvre..
hehe..this museum was the "must-go" place when i tot of going to paris, probably cos i've seen the amazing pics of it and of course, the influence of the "Da Vinci Code"..'s the Aphrodite, known as Venus de Milo, or "the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty", one of the most famous Greek sculpture..

This is the Winged Victory of Samothrace..

The statue shows a mastery of form and movement which has impressed critics and artists since its discovery. It is particularly admired for its naturalism and for the fine rendering of the draped garments. It is considered one of the Louvre's greatest treasures-Wikipedia

wow..i din know that..this was among the 1st famous sculpture that we came across to..still semangat to look for the english explanation, which was ironically very brief compared to the french version..

Anyway..there were A LOT of paintings and sculptures EVERYWHERE..

and without the plan that listed down all the famous paintings and sculptures for us, i doubt we'd even know the difference between them..

probably most of the visitors there shared the same feeling as us..haha..i noticed that whenever there was a crowd surrounding a sculpture, others would come forward to take pics as well..talking bout crowd effect..haha.. this is ONE PAINTING that everyone knows..Leonardo da Vinci's mischievous La Joconde or the "MONA LISA", and according to many, her stare will follow u wherever u go..

alrite..the painting was sooo freaking small compared to other paintings, and there were LOTSA ppl trying to have a peak at it, but nobody could go near it..

hmm..not artistic enough to feel its significance..nor to FEEL her stare..:p

the painting behind us was much better, dont u think so? (it's called "The wedding feast at Cana" btw)

HAHA..sounds very knowledgable in art suddenly arr..cause we had "lonely planet" and the plan with us all the while..

we were kinda exhausted after few hours cos the place was SOOOOO BIIIIIIG..and the prob was that the description was mostly in french, so thanks to kailun cos he needs to translate to us..and the english version was kinda dry and factual..

"the museum fatigue can be a real problem at the Louvre..its one of the most famous but also among the most frustrating museum for the tourists..." remembered reading something like that from the lonely planet while we were resting..

theory well proven by kailun and pun..(actually sc and i were very tired as well..haha!)

one last pic at the Louvre before we gave up and left for good..

The Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris (Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris)..

The true heart of Paris as distance from Paris to every part of France are measured from place du Parvis Notre Dame, the square in front of Notre Dame..

the cathedral is AWESOME!!!French Gothic architecture, stunning stained-glass rose windows, gargoyles..really very impressive..we did go in and there were a lot of worshippers in the cathedral..
Eiffel Tower...again..

eiffel tower is sooo nice!!
we've taken soo many pics in front of eiffel tower..kinda tough though...we need to squat and smile, while the photographer needs to bend to the max..

pun: come gt moon inside the pic?
us: ya come??
(look at the pic for few seconds, look at the surrounding..look at the pic again..)
sc:HOI!!thats tiang lampu lar woi!!

Went for river cruise for an was so funny cos initially, everyone wanted to be on the deck and as time passed by, more and more ppl went to the sheltered area cos of the strong wind..and at the end..we were the remaining few on the deck..shivering to the max at the end of the cruise..C~O~L~D~~~

the famous Moulin Rouge..

met up with joe as well...
anyway..the whole street was full of sex shops, shows we as good kids..oni walked around to have a look nia larr..
One of the best part of the trip..
the food...yup..we treated ourselves with good food throughout the trip..tried french cuisine e.g escargots, the "meal with pork cooked in different ways" (oops..forgot the french term liao..), nice french bread..vietnamese food..japanese food..
the best part of the trip??

definitely the companions that i had..:)))

still feels great when i blogged bout the trip..enjoyed every moment tat we've spent there..:)

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