Thursday, 22 November 2007


Monday was kha hong's we went to Chukoku - a chinese buffet restaurant to celebrate kha hong, suokteng and hui koon's birthdays..the food there was simply delicious!!!i LUV the dessert..the 13 of us ate for 3 hours..and took lots of pics..

with the birthday gurls- kha hong and hui koon

with peifong..

non-stop posing..

with monkey glen..the hand holding a fork is suokteng's..

with the J7 residents..:)

all dressed in red..

we even took pics in the toilet..tats why we stayed in the toilet for so long..:P

we had sarawak laksa for brunch!!:P..thanks to suechoo who woke up early to prepare the food and also thanks to mum who brought laksa paste for was VERY delicious!!

after that..we brought glen to kelvingrove museum..
and with glen's canggih camera..we had lotsa fun taking pics non-stop..(esp suokteng..cant stop taking pics of herself..tsk tsk..)

the 1st group pic we took outside kelvingrove museum..HAHA..we sort of covered the whole museum behind us with our heads..

so we took the group pics again..

AGAIN...outside the kelvingrove museum..from another angle..

and again...still outside the museum..

walking at the glasgow uni compound..

hahaha..squatting and bending just to take nice photos..these are only part of them..

i like this pic..:)
and trying to take nice jumping photos..
OBVIOUSLY..we failed...
OMG...cant stop laughing when i saw this pic..but the next is worse..

WAHAHAHA...the moment we saw this pic..we burst out laughing..took a few pics but this was the only one showing that our legs actually left the ground..teruk betul..

taken outside the Hunterian Museum..

Hunterian Museum is located inside the University of shows the collection of Dr William Hunter, a and a collector..was our 1st time visiting that museum..and in fact i find it kinda interesting..

we oso met up with syed who is currently studying in University of Glasgow..
then..we went to the asian style restaurant highly recommended by paikling and housemates..
had been looking forward to this meal the whole day..
BUT..when we went all the way there...hungry and cold..
THE SHOP WAS CLOSED due to electricity prob!!!!haha..we stood there watching in disbelief for a few seconds..*kinda disappointed*
so we went to o'neil instead..
while waiting for our food...

and at nite..we sent glen off to buchanan bus usual..we'd to walk super fast again so tat he wont miss the bus back to london..
so tat was basically the summary of our short but memorable holidays..:)
ahteng and kha hong..hopefully u 2 enjoyed ur burfdays...cos i surely did..HAPPY BURFDAY again and stay happy..:)

and thanks to glen and alice..the presence of u 2 for the celebration of suokteng and kha hong's birthdays mean a lot to was really fun..reminds me a lot about the funny things that we've been through together..kinda amazed me that its been 5 years since we've known each other..
alice told me that she missed us a lot after she left..and i felt the same way too..
cant wait to meet up with u guys again..:)


Anonymous said...

the hand holding a fork is not suokteng's, it's sue choo's

mingying blur..

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