Thursday, 1 November 2007

what a day!

getting lost is nothing unfamiliar for me. im oways VERY BAD in directions, but after all those "trainings" tat i had since i came to glasgow (sometimes loitering around glasgow street alone when i feel like lepak-ing and lately going out with my parents when they were here..) i tot i would have improved in my sense of directions..

obviously wrong again!! yesterday had an appointment for applying NI number (need it for working here) after copying a map from shirlyn and after a detailed description, i went out searching for the bus station near M&S..damn!!got confused of the different bus stops had to call shirlyn who is always my gprs to help out..after some time, by pure luck i managed to find the correct bus stop and board the bus (p/s: thanks a lot shirlyn..haha!shud have msg-ed u when i reached, din noe u gt worried:p)

and realised i dun have enuf coins for the bus tic!!!couldnt use the 10pound notes as well..

just when i stood there helplessly, an old lady from behind asked me hw much i needed and she paid for me!! i kept thanking her, and wanted to pay her back with the remaining coins tat i had, but the nice lady just smiled and said "SOMEONE DID THIS ONCE FOR ME TOO..its alrite" awwww..rili very nice!! i then requested the driver to inform me where to get down. Another cute old lady voluntarily helped me explain again to the driver. So, along the journey i chatted with the lady who paid for me. She even slowed down her speed in toking so that i could understand..and before i got down, the helpful driver explained to me again the streets nearby and where he stopped..

anyway, to cut the long story short. I gt lost AGAIN when i gt down the bus. Being a terrible map reader + the building that i need to go to had no name and situated behind a few construction sites + a somewat isolated street that i've been to for the 1st time, its almost destined that i couldnt find my way. Nevertheless, i considered myself as rili lucky..once again, I've met a few ppl who helped me along the way- a lady who was not good in direction herself tried her best to read the map; a Turkish? old man whose English was kinda hard to understand, but he was rili helpful and volunteered to show me where the building was...and finally i gt to the social security office on time with the help of these ppl..

Needed to wait for another 1 hour+ for my interview..and after the interview, i went back to the agency i worked for to ask for the employment letter..etc etc..going thru all the hassle and walking here and there for whole afternoon so that i can work part time in UK!!!

for those who havnt gone for the interview, the place wasnt as difficult to find as i've described..
when i reached my destination, i looked back at the map i drew, and it made perfect sense!! so i guess i'd probably be the only 1 who'd gt lost with a detailed map and going thru the lil adventure..haha!

im just glad i've met all the nice ppl that made my day! those small incidents rili warmed my heart, still in good mood thou i'd to walk a long way..hopefully that my good luck wil continue and will get a job soon..:)


Yannee said...

ooo can i borrow the map from u? wakakkaa

shirlyn said...

ooiii yannee...just ask ur hsemate here for the map lar...hehe...

mingying, dint think tht u'll get lost..sorry if i had confused u with the M&S bus stop...i didnt know tht there was another M&S near central..hehe...anyway, glad tht u made it there on time!!

tps said...

haha, not too badla... at least after tat, u still manage to get home.. :p