Thursday, 8 November 2007

Autumn in my heart..

Inspired by our other coursemates, we too decided to have our little photography session today, at Glasgow Green before the autumn ends..

thanks to the breathtaking scenery + nice weather + pretty gals + hebat photographers *ahem..we managed to capture these..

captured by ahteng.. look at the birds!!

the tall nearly-botak tree and the plump contrast to each other..

looks like some scene from korean movie rite??:P
a few pics that i captured..
the lonely tree that stood strongly despite the strong wind..

the sunlight that still manage to penetrate through the leaves..

my personal favourite pic..this tree still has lots of seeds though there is no longer any leaves on it..
of course, not forgetting our happy faces..

...and our messy hair (haha!!the wind was tooooooo strong..have to filter out a lot of pics cos our hair looks too messy!!)

professional background..:) (p/s: the 4 gals in front have similar height!!:P)

my solo pic..

another nice pic taken by photographer choo..liked the bright blue sky..

the above 2 pics are taken by kha it very much too! rili gt "feel" lerr??

my crazy housemates..

the cute and lame frens..

these are among some of the pics that we the amount of pics that i include into my blog, its obvious that i rili liked the pics we took today..haha..and though it looks sunny..the weather was in fact VERY VERY COLD!!
the funny thing was..7 of us brought 4 cameras with us..BUT..suilin forgot to put her memory card in (BLUR!!!:P)..yishan and ahteng's camera went out of battery...and not long after camera oso habis we were forced to end this photo-taking session..if not..we'd probably end up taking even more pics..and suokteng wil probably freeze til pengsan [*quote from lameking "then u guys wil have baked giraffe to eat" wah...super lame!!]


suokteng said...

nice weather (??) and nice blue sky and nice trees and nice scenery and most importantly pretty gals.. =)

freezed girafee = bake girafee??
lame king rocks!

Kha Hong said...

ai ya.. ah teng said the thing that I wanted to say..
how can u relate a freezed giraffe to a baked giraffe?? should i call u lame? or should i call u blur?

Anonymous said...

frozen giraffe, then u will get free meat, u can bake it. logical ma