Saturday, 1 December 2007


havent been updating my blog for quite a while..before going to work..was planning to ramble about hw i went through this week on my blog..
changed my mind nw..all those torturing moments in writing report doesnt seem to matter to least for nw..:P..

IM EXCITED.......hahahaha!!!

2day i did waitressing at city halls again..and it was FUN and enjoyable for usual, i get to see loving old couples, serve happy and friendly ppl, see them enjoyed themselves walking around toking to each other..see them dancing freely to the music after dinner..

BUT..most importantly..i SAW and SERVED STEPHEN KING......WahaHAHAhahA...

before the dinner started, when i was busy walking around the place..suddenly i saw STEPHEN KING's name on one of the tables that i was assigned to serve..OMG...i rili cant belif my luck!! was looking at all the guests eagerly after that..trying hard to visualise his face from the novels that i've read..hmm...some of the photos that he had was taken during his younger times..excitedly told the others bout it..but i was scared that i couldnt spot him..

HOWEVER.. the moment he stepped in..i immediately recognised him!!!!!!!and he actually sat at another table....luckily that table was also served by my team...woooohooooo...

anyway..cos we worked as a team, so practically we need to serve many tables..and we cant choose which table or who we wanna serve..have to follow our supervisor's instructions and all that..but its all FATE!!! i actually got to serve him a few times..hehehehehe..*cant stop smiling until nw*..

and when i collected his plates (for 2 times u noe??!!:P)..he did look at me for bout 3 secs..smiled..and said "thank you" to me..arghhhhh....i have so many dialogues racing around in my head....wanted to tell him im a fan of his..ok i admit that i din read so many of his books. for those few that i read, i totally love it e.g the green mile,the dead zone etc..oh...and hw "IT" became all our childhood nitemare..etc etc...

bt nothing came out from my mouth!!!arghhhhh........i think i only managed to blurt out"you're welcome" and smiled politely to him...*Sigh sigh sigh.......*feel like kicking myself...... satisfied nw..hehehe..told suokteng and sc to watch out for him on table 25 said she can sense he got certain "feel" that other ppl dun have..很有煞气 and rili look like somebody who writes horror

whereas suokteng asked me whether the woman beside him is his wife..erm...ya hor..onli then i looked at the lady again from far cos i have no idea hw she looks focus was on him obviously!!

haih..i noe i sound crazy nw..:P..hehehehe...

yup yup...he looks exactly like fact i think he looks more bergaya tonite..not as big size as i've imagined though..:)

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