Saturday, 3 November 2007

彩虹 Rainbow [Cai Hong]- Jay Chou 周杰倫 MV[Full]

awwwww...NICE song and MV..esp the music at the beginning and the guitar part..hehe..this song is kinda addictive..have been listening to it OVER AND OVER again..:)


shirlyn said...

call me blur..but y the guy wana commit suicide??

ahying^ said...

haha..the guy din commit suicide larr..he died cos of cancer or sth like tat..he left the girl after he knew he gt disease..kinda typical storyline hor??:p..but i stil like the song a lot

ahmein0520 said...

oh, i jus wanna post the same thing as lyn. i cant understand the storyline. But the song is so nice. jay chou shd sing this kind of song rather than those rap rap, noisy song..