Saturday, 10 November 2007

Today i went to work with kahyie and weimeng, with no idea that Im going to be witnessing the historical moment!!!!

Since we were here in glasgow, there were lots of big posters, programmes, advertisements etc stating that glasgow is bidding to host the Commonwealth Games. Therefore, I noe today is the day that the host of 2014 Commonwealth Games will be announced, but i did not imagine that the place that i would be working (at the old fruitmarket/city hall)..was the place where about 1000 ppl including school children, athletes and politicians gathered to watch the announcement live from Columbo, Sri Lanka. There were also other performances by singers from scotland and other traditional scottish music..Before reaching the city hall, we saw lots of ppl outside, e.g the crew from bbc scotland..skytv...etc..preparing for direct telecast later, so u can imagine hw grand the event was..

Was a bit nervous at first cos i havent had any job since i went for trip..but lucky me!! today's work was pretty simple..ya i still need to carry stuff etc, but my main job was just pouring tea and coffee for all those who came to us..and when i mean pouring..i rili poured endless cups of coffee and tea for many hours.( at least few hundred cups!!) the ppl kept coming non-stop, but as usual, the crowd was frenly and joyful, e.g always thanking us, and some that came for 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee actually recognised my face,haha!! so basically it was fun and i enjoyed it..[excluding the part where kahyie and i kena scolded cos we ate AFTER we finished our job, which makes no sense at all..but nvmlar, my mood wont be spoilt bcos of some stupid #$%$]

at around half past twelve, everyone was inside the hall, so kahyie and i went to have a peep at the crowd..and we were just in time to witness the announcement!! As expected, glasgow won the right to host 2014 Commonwealth Games, by securing 47 votes against 24 for Abuja out of a total of 71 member countries..upon the announcement, the crowd went wild and the cheer was deafening!!!everyone started hugging each other and was rili excited...omg..i was pretty excited too when i witnessed this..

all the happy expressions and endless cheering when the results was annouced..

this was exactly wat we saw today..totally amazing!!!the above pics were taken at the fruitmarket (got it from online news)

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