Wednesday, 21 November 2007

finally..the secrets were revealed..

knew that alice was coming for suokteng and kha hong's birthday more than a month ago, and glen confirmed that he would reach glasgow on sun evening..since then i was trying hard to keep the secret, which was obviously a very difficult thing for me..and oso for the others..
a few stories to share..

me, sc and kh were chatting in kitchen and we were planning on wat cake to make for their suggested sumthing..
and without realising i mentioned that glen wil probably like it..
SHYT..felt like kicking myself (sc actually KICKED me from under the table)
both of us froze for a while..and then tried to act normal by crapping..
(we tot we were successful in acting...until kha hong told us that from that incident, she oledi sensed that glen would come all the way from london...oouch!!im sure our acting werent that bad..just that she's way too observant and smart)

after alice reached on friday nite, we were revealing to them that hw hard it was for us to keep the secret for more than a month!!
sc happily said, 'that ming ying larr...that day oledi nearly bocor rahsia..she...'
i was thinking...hey..the onli time i nearly said the secret was when i tok about glen during the time we were in the kitchen..
obviously sc was thinking the same thing too..she swallowed back her words and for a second or two..she remained quiet..then later she had to create a new story to cover up..HAHAHA..padan muka!!

the funniest story happened on sunday afternoon when the others gathered around in our house..
yi shan: so wat time is glen coming later??
me, alice and sc: SHOCKED and SPEECHLESS..
within seconds..we acted normal.."wat??glen is coming??how come we dunno and u noe??"
sc pinched yi shan hard..and she realised that she said wrongly and started laughing..
pf the blur god still dunno wats happening.."yah..he's coming..XXX told us..u guys dunno meh?" we panically tried to crap and come up with a ridiculous story(a fake scandal) about glen to distract st and kh's attraction..
everyone else acted along (even those who din noe that glen was coming knew by then and tried their best to help, luckily suokteng was too blur to notice)..trying to act kepo and kept asking..

instead of tricking suokteng , blur god peifong pulak kena tipu..
she actually BELIEVED our ridiculous story and kept asking yishan to tell us more about glen's "scandal"
at some point..she pointed at yishan..OH!!!u BOCOR RAHSIA!!!" wahhhh..rili feel like whacking her..haha!!everyone else tried to cover up and she still dunno wat happened..
suilin who was beside her pinched her and stared hard at her..and she turned and ask.."why r u keep looking at me??why pinch me??"
until kha hong couldnt continue to act as if she din noe about this plan..and asked her to just remain quiet and dun speak again..
the blur gal obviously still couldnt get it and after a while..suilin had to pull her out and explain to her from a to z inside the toilet..:P

and as time goes by..we kept saying the wrong things and tried to cover up..stress level increasing..haha.
and since alice's bus back to aberdeen was at 645pm and glen's bus to glasgow would reach at 530..we've to reach buchanan bus station at around 530..
we told suokteng that alice's bus was at 545pm..since suokteng was the onli person still in the dark..we were all very relaxed and walked slowly to the bus station..
whereas st dragged alice and walked super fast..
poor the attempt to slow down suokteng..she turned and asked us.."hey..did i tell u it was 545pm or 555pm??"..
we just showed the confused face and replied...ermm..not sure..keji suechoo even answered.."i think it was 545pm lar!!"WAHAHA!!

after we reached the bus station...alice had to continue acting as if she was too blur and searched for the piece of the paper that wrote the time..and acted surprise to see it was actually 645 instead of 545pm..
and finally....glen appeared from behind and shocked suokteng..haha!!
apparently suokteng is also a super blur gal..she never suspected anything (even after the afternoon incident when everyone kept bocor rahsia..)

so finally..the secrets were revealed..too bad alice and glen could only meet up for about an hour before she went back to aberdeen..

trying to act cool..:P

btw..ahteng can rili come out with sudden situation that we never tot of..before this, she said she wanna go aberdeen this we had to come out with excuses to block her from going..after that, we'd an offer to work on sat nite..and ahteng kept persuading us to work..
so have to tell more lies so that she wont suspect anything.. just glad that i dun have to keep secret about frens coming for the weekend anymore..its so difficult.....!!:P


Kha Hong said...

Hahaha.. it's still a surprise for me la.. i didn't know alice is coming.. and i already thought glen is not coming this week since it's already sunday afternoon.. i thought he might come next week or something like that.. until yi shan asked the question.. hehe

suokteng said...


i didnt know ANYTHING!!

but nvm,i am glad i didnt..hehe...

thanks la ah blur, the secret wonder she looked so stressed for the past few weeks la..haha...

thanks dear alice and ah kat..*hugz*
begitu touching sekali... =)

suechoo said...

hehehe...she looked stressed for the past few weeks is not bcos of this la...ho? ah blur? dun try 2 find excuse for urself...;p