Thursday, 22 November 2007

suokteng and kha hong's birthdays..

alice came on friday nite from aberdeen as a surprise for suokteng and kha hong's birthdays..

when she was about to reach the bus stop, i sneaked out of the house to pick her up. Before going out, i was so scared that they'll sense that something was after preparing everything..i used the fastest speed to run out of the apartment so that they wont have the chance to ask me where i was going..met up with alice and sc (after her work) at the bus station.. so when we reached the and st were both SHOCKED to see alice (yay!!even kha hong din suspect that alice was coming). st even shouted in disbelief..

but the sad thing was..just when i was expecting them to say " wonder lah..i was wondering where u went jz nw..etc etc".. instead...they said.."WHAT??did u go out just nw??i din even realise u went out.." and i actually took the effort to rush out..*faint*

practically spent the next day on shopping..sat was oso d day when Scotland football team played against we could see all the scottish fans singing and cheering along the street during the day..and the match actually started on 5, alice and kh successfully bought winter jacket..too bad i still couldnt find something suitable for me...

watched my 1st ever movie in glasgow cinema, was rili excited cos back in m'sia watching movie in the cinema was one of my favourite pastime!!we chose to watch "american gangster" starred by denzel washington and russell crowe..both are really good was based on true story, portraying a black gangster who smuggled drugs into the country in American service planes returning from the Vietnam War. At the height of his career he was even more powerful than the Mafia when it came to dope dealing! anyway..i think the movie was definitely worthwhile to watch..:)

on sunday, it was suokteng's we prepared some simple meal and invited the others to come over..
haha..cute smiley face..and peifong and yishan din notice the smiley face on the cake!!
thanks to kahyee who baked this delicious fruit cake..:)

the 2 birthday girls..
oops...we forgot to take the group photos tat day..
taken before sending alice to the bus station..

when we were at the bus station...

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