Friday, 8 February 2008

cny day 1

yesterday afternoon we visited shirlyn's house..

omg...their house is soooo well-decorated!!! with angpao..oranges..tanglung..

and most importantly...

they've very delicious home-made cookies from malaysia..wowwwwww...and i finally had BA GUA niceeee.....thanks a lot ya..:))

rili too bad had to rush for classes after

at nite..our batch had our own class gathering..some of the home students and a few lecturers oso attended..

everyone had fun..and the food prepared by our batchmates were delicious as well..:))) a good way to spend our least we were nt that homesick since everyone was gathered together..

took so many pics until i've no ideas where to collect the pics from after this..haha..

these are the few pics taken using my camera..


shirlyn said...

ming ying.i've jus realised tht u update ur blog quite often hor..haha..good good..keep it up!!

anyway, come to our hse more often la since we so good at creating create CNY atmosphere..hehehe....n we've still got some cookies..haha!!

jus now i saw the ugly faces tht u guys made on CNY eve....really very funny la..i feel u n peifong made the best faces!!

mingying said...

shirlyn..thanks for ur support..haha..i personally think peifong is the funniest!!cant help smiling looking at those pics..haih..dun think wil update my blog so often d larr..NO TIME!!im doing last minute work again..:P..u shud update urs more often larr..i oways read ur blog1 ler..hehe..jia you ar!!