Thursday, 7 February 2008


Had an awesome pre-cny celebration starting from 8pm to 1 sumthing am yesterday..

we started preparing food after we came back from class at 5pm..
Below are the food prepared to fit 8 slim girls' stomach..

its been a long long time since we've had seafood..:)))
had 2 different flavour..chicken soup and tomyam..*2 thumbs up*

luckily there were keropok..spring rolls..longan..for us to eat while waiting for the food to be cooked..

OMG..the food was soooo delicious..

and we ate and ate and ATE..while blasting our apartment with the latest chinese new year songs..
at some point..we were too full and had to rest.. kill time..we chatted..played around...sang songs..did some simple aerobics so that we could go for 2nd round,3rd round etc..

of course..we managed to snap some pics again..
syok sendiri pics..

HOIIIIIII ahteng!!!keji betul..the onli one looking at the camera...

*KIAM PAK!!!* summore wanna act innocent..^-^

of course..for chinese new year..we have to take nice-nice solo pics..
nice rite??haha..this is hw we looked most of the time..very 斯文有气质..


we'd do funny faces when we gt too excited..

WAHAHAHA!!! come on ppl...pls vote..who do u think has the most potential to become 搞笑美女???

peifong..the usually camera-shy gal..nonstop wanna do funny faces..wahlao....

whereas yishan claimed that her facial muscle was too stiff and had to spend a long time stretching and pulling her face before taking the above pic..until sc had to voluntarily help to stretch yishan's face...LOL!!!

last nite was really memorable with the crazy bunch around..

Last but not least..

8 of US would like to wish EVERYONE

*hopefully u ppl wont have nitemare..wahahah.. to class nw..


pun said...

hahahahahaha, interesting..

ti3nD said...

nightmare dy...hahaha.. dont know how to vote larh.. @>@

happy cny :)