Wednesday, 6 February 2008


i'd told myself that i WONT blog about cny..
cos the syndrome of homesickness is contagious and will infect everyone else in an instance..
and im nw contradicting myself once again.. !@#@#$$

those who are homesick nw..stop here and ignore the rest of the post..

when i first set up my blog..i'd decided onli to write about happy things that happened..and let the unhappy moments passed by in silence..
bt i guess its kinda impossible..
its hard to remain cheerful all the time..
and for the past few days my mood had been fluctuating..

when i received a new year card & angpao from s.kwan..
i was very excited and touched as she'd been really thoughtful..

seriously..i've never been so happy to see cny card
and yet at the same time..
i felt a pang of emptiness..

chose to ignore that and i'd been okay for the next few days..

the 1st instance that i viewed the cny song by the astro + MY fm djs from youtube..
the moment when i tok to bro who is nw in kch..
and when i chatted with dad and mum who're busy buying things for cny..
it hit me that chinese new year is REALLY near..
for the 1st time in my life
i couldnt fly back to kch and celebrate cny with my family and old frens bek in kch..

at THOSE particular moments..
i felt all the homesickness that i'd bottled up bt chose to ignore..

one part of me was thinking of hw to ban all the videos/songs/red things/etc etc that can remind me of cny from getting into my sight..
(and yet..i've been listening to the cny songs over and over again..:P)

another part of me kept telling myself that celebrating cny at oversas isnt too bad..
this will be my 1st and last time NOT celebrating cny at wats the big deal?
summore i have so many crazy frens around to celebrate with me..
and i've no right to indulge myself in self-pity compared to my other frens that are sitting for exams rite nw..(good luck arr!!)
haih..must be those depressing journals that made me depressed..


wrote that few hours ago..

nw listening to my FAVOURITE group-mayday's songs..
somehow, the songs made me feel better..has therapeutic effect..:P
gonna post the playlist in my blog..
i think the 1st song is the best..light and easy...something that can easily lift up ur mood..lalalala...



in case u havent background is changed to dark red/maroon colour temporarily to suit the cny mood~~~~

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