Friday, 29 February 2008


havent been updating my blog for a while..

ok..just a summary of what i've been up to for the past 2 weeks..will put more pics on sc's birthday and paris trip when i've more time/not so lazy..

Basically..after the biopharm 5 test, we celebrated sue choo's birthday for 2 consecutive days..
the 15 of us went to tiger-tiger for a nice whole bunch of girls without a single guy..(we're pharmacy students mar..what to do?:P)

2 days after that...

we went to short, its definitely memorable!!the trip was fun..AMAZING scenery, NICE food and GREAT travel gang..i rili couldnt ask for more..aiyoh..must MUST go back to paris someday..(probably when im old & earn enough $$)
Eiffel Tower!!i've seen it in sooo many pics, listen about it all the time..and when i saw it for real..its just..AMAZING...hard to describe the feeling but it really put me in awe..

Paris Disneyland..i must say im not someone who fantasize bout fairy tales and all..and din have high expectations about it..but being there was a special in a fairy tale perhaps,where everything was so pretty and perfect..with the disney songs repeatedly being played..and nw the song "just like we've dreamed it" had been implanted in my brain..still feel happy whenever i listen to this song..
my travel mates..had so much laughter and fun with u gila when it came to traveling..we spent FULL days walking around paris..without realising, we covered most of the places of interest even though we were walking at a rather relaxing pace..and treat ourselves with LOTS of good food..


coming back to glasgow..i'd to come back to reality as well and prepared for my oral presentation..before the presentation, i tried to practise at home..and i din have the stamina to complete the whole thing cos it was TOO LONG, have to stop and drink water and skip some part

but when it came to the real thing..terpaksa do the non-stop toking for half an hour..and kena bombarded with questions..hmmph..thank god its over nw..

Oh yeah..

the night before my presentation, we joined a cny celebration thing held in our uni..(yup its after chap goh mei)

The food was sponsored by the few famous chinese restaurants in sadly..we were slightly late..and we managed to try a bit oni as most of the food was gone by the time we arrived..

There was also a very special lion dance performance..
its special cos it was the first time that i saw a lion fighting with a fake snake (which i tot was a rope initially)..we were asking each other but couldnt figure why..

The geng part was when the lion lifted the bottle with both the chinese character (酒) and english "WINE" labelled on it..and started drinking..tok about adapting the famous scottish culture of drinking..haha...and it got drunk and started performing醉拳 ..
the most entertaining performance was the chinese martial arts done by the chinese kids..they were simply adorable!!though some of their steps werent really uniform..but they were clearly smiling away and enjoying themselves on stage..

and apparently liping and i had crush on the same kid...

was laughing when i saw this pic taken from liping's blog..awwww...he's rili cute... leaving to dundee for the weekend..and my essay deadline is this coming friday..seems like i'll be doing last minute work again after this..til then..take care ppl!

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shirlyn said...

awwWWww...i miss paris so much too!! will go back when im old n earned enuff $$ like u..hahaha...