Sunday, 3 February 2008


at 5 sumthing am this morning..

sc banged my door hard..and i continued to sleep..thank goodness she'd been persistent and patient..haha..i think she continuously banged for quite some time and when she finally said "its snowing!!!WAKE UP!!!"..within seconds..i was wide awake and rushed to her room..

omg!!!its really snowing outside..and its obviously snowing for quite some time...

the 4 of us stood near the window to have a closer look..everything was covered with a layer of snow..and it was soooooo soooooo nice!!!
wow...everything was white!!

even the tong-sampah looked so much nicer..
bt we werent crazy enuf to run downstairs..i went straight back to bed and slept like a pig until 9 sumthing..our neighbours told us that they banged our door earlier bt nobody woke up..oops..apparently i really slept soundly until i din hear ANY SOUND at all..(my room was the nearest to the front door..:P)
since the snow was already melting..we had a quick breakfast and went down to snap pics..

ahteng semakin pro with 自拍!!

ooo..finally knew hw the snow felt like..:)))

nice pic lerr..felt really cold and wet sitting on the snow..:P kinda syok sendiri i noe..hehe..1st time see so much snow marr..

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