Monday, 26 May 2008

random thoughts..

since form 5, i've left kch, went to shah alam, met new frens and became close frens with them..and then forced to say goodbye as we went separate ways..

THEN...i went to imu and again the same thing repeated..and NOW..finally its another time when i need to say goodbye to the life that i've slowly getting used to..leaving my frens that've become a very important part of my life..

yup..i know there is always changes in life..and i know this is part of growing up, u cant expect everything to remain the same..

BUT still..i really hope that i can seize this moment and remain as a student..complaining about exams, studying together with my housemates, going to outings with my crazy frens, planning for gathering with my frens..etc etc..all these may be far-fetched in future..

after all these years, i thought i've got used to the gathering and separation since i've been through it a few times..but being me..i just cant stop feeling depressed...haih..

i just came bek from a great road trip (glasgow-oban-loghilphead-glasgow) with k.hooi, st and kh for the weekend..hopefully i'll write it soon as i dun wanna forget the places that we've visited and the fun time that we shared..feel kinda sad after sending k.hooi off at the bus station jz nw..gonna miss his jokes and all the interesting stories..wahahaa..

next destination: london..til then..take care ppl..:)


Kai Lun said...

No banquet in the world that never ends,so finish banquet,u can go to mamak stall..
(tian xia mei you bu san de yan xi... )

ahmein0520 said...

ya, so sad and depress when we gonna separate and start working.. Sure miss you all alot de..

suokteng said...

macam mana london?
aku rindukan mu.. =)