Saturday, 17 May 2008

thank u:)

i wish i could express hw i feel nw..

this is gonna be a long thank you post to my frens..*wah, macam gt award or sth..haha*

im so glad to hv you all..amidst the stress of exams etc, u guys still spent so much time to celebrate my birthday with me and i definitely enjoyed my birthday to the max becos of you all..:)
*taken outside JBC before going to chukoku..the ones who werent inside are edmond, kahyee and weeyeaw..

after the exams, we went to chukoku to hav our lunch..i think we've been trapped in the house for far too everyone was toking non-stop and laughing hysterically, until everyone din rili eat as full as we wanted to..hehe..had fun chatting and without realising, we were in chukoku until 4 sumthing..omg..

after that st was given the task to "distract" me..and we went shopping bt due to the lack of sleep previous nite, i was kinda tired and wanted to go home (contrary to the usual me) poor st..can feel her stress as she tried her best to pull me into different shops..paiseh arr, wasnt co-operative at all, lol..after that i promised to stay at my room without disturbing can SMELL the nice CAKE from far..teehehe..happy sekali..spent my time in the room toking thru phone and chatting..macam vip..hiakz.
does this remind u of anyone? (imitating sue choo who did this during her bday:P)

the veli nice cake made by sc and kh..high standard!!:))they spent a long time making the cake!! (bt i din realise the M-Y alphabets on the cake at first..oops..:P)

at nite we had another small gathering, which i enjoyed a lot..thanks to all of u for preparing the food ..the arguing, laughter, blur and crazy moments were totally memorable..u ppl made the nite special for me and i appreciate your companions..gonna rili miss you ppl after this..

this year's birthday was full of surprises for me..

thanks to my lovely housemates who organise the gathering and busy preparing all the glen and siew sing for the cute bear..the present was supposed to be given to me today by sc bt blur glen bocorkan about it before y.leng, k.hooi, glen, k.foong and p.sen for the long call today..(thanks for the soft toy k.hooi and ps!!:P) and also to the others who've wished me, msg-ed me, sms-ed me etc..hehe, a very good way to keep in touch with some of my old frens as well..arigato!!

and thanks for the 20 mins video that made me laugh nonstop and made me shed tears at last..cried AGAIN..omg..i was veli touched and couldnt express my appreciation in words..this was totally unexpected and i din see that coming AT bravo to u guys who din bocorkan ANYTHING at all before this..

okay..wanna thank each of u who appeared in the video...

kailun @ panda-man..the panda part was rili funny..couldnt guessed it was u at 1st cos i think u lost weight ar..thanks for the suspense and the song..touching lar..:)

my J9 housemates who did some crazy singing and acting..totally brilliant..wahahaha

rumah SS with the sexy birthday monster popping out from the

ps and kf..with the kawaii style of singing and posing..omg..this video can definitely make me laugh whenever im depressed next time..

alan..haha..din expect that u recorded a video for me as well,veli surprised!!bt hw come in english arr??:P

alex who recorded a loooooong message to me, and play violin summore...:)

glen who recorded a very lame and funny video, nvm larr..being lame IS your personality and uniqueness..

ah guan..who never appear in the video..apalah..

sekfatt,weenien, bensi and ahmeng..ur style of delivering msg in papers with music in the background made us crack in laughter..omg..aiyo..shud video-ed ur faces marr..creative sekali..

pun..haha..with the few "leng chai photos" and msg..woi..u owe me a song arrr..

and most importantly, to the 2 konstanzers- james and mashi..who rili put in their efforts in making this video for me..:)) using the gummi bears to arrange the words of "happy birthday" totally amazed by tat..hw did u do that and hw much time hv u spent on tat?!?!! the guitar-singing part, the collecting and editing videos from different places..WOW, its definitely not an easy told me tat u 2 did this until 4am..thanks a lot, im rili touched and speechless....:))))

[ frens keep saying hw sweet u all are..i truly agree with that..nw saham naik for each of u, lol (bensi told me he regretted of NOT appearing in the video)]

*thanks for everything ppl..(haha..getting loso after being 24..hv been repeating my thanks for a dozen times)

i cherish our frenship and i noe just hw lucky im for having u ppl in my life..:))) hugz*


ahmein0520 said...

OMG, so so jealous and i so so love the video.. You really blessed with super alot of good good best frens..

shirlyn said...

happy birthday again!!!! we <3 u!!

suechoo said...

omg...reading ur blog, make me feel touched, again....hahaha...(macam my bday pulak..;p) yup, really had great time!!! prost for the frienships tht we all share!!!!

~ming~ said...

hey happy birthday girl!!! hope everything goes perfect for you this yr and yrs to come!! muakkkss!!!!! *big wet non-lesbian birthday kiss*


mingying said...

mein and shirlyn:i luv u all,haha!yalor, seriously felt veli touched for the things that all of u've done for me..:)sc: thanks for ur luv letter,nearly 6 long years of knowing each other and 3 years of staying many memories and stories that we've shared..PROST for our frenship!:)ming:haha..thanks a lot..*MUACKZ* back..:P