Wednesday, 4 June 2008

london trip

without pics..its hard to summarise my few days in london..

main purpose was to renew my passport, and i got it done the 2nd day that i was in london..din expect it to be done so efficiently in a day, so basically my next few days in london was really relaxed and enjoyable..

yup, london is still as busy; people there still looked as expressionless and stressed as before; everyone in the tube was reading something and ignoring ppl around them; most of them were walking extremely fast on the street..but somehow this metropolitan has given me a much better impression than my previous encounter in january..maybe becos i took my own sweet time observing them and walk at my pace..and by using tube, being really bad in direction is not a problem at all..haha..

glen's housemates were all very frenly and easy to get along with..i chatted with them for a rili long time since the 1st day tat i reached and im not even a talkative person..haha..

anyway..glen being glen..has been a really great host (despite the fact that he laughed a lot at my blurness, had fun using MY msn to kacau ppl, telling his housemates hw crazy we were..oh i think s.choo's name was mentioned a few times too..haha!!) been repeatedly taught me the directions in london (hopefully i can remember til july lah..:P); abandon his studies for tat few days..watched a few movies..thankfully they were all quite good..thanks a lot lah monkey..:)

i think i gained back my appetite ever since my trip to london..glen's cooked a few delicious meals..swk food summore *clap clap* (for his future visitors..please request him to cook..wahahaha..) elaine and lihping had been offering me food all the time; so usually we'll sit there chatting and start searching for food, prepare and eat; then search for food again; kuan eng being the indomee seller would be there offering indomee; and then telling us his stories with mentally-ill patients..litching and yiwei who were usually not at home, but will leave sth for us to eat as well..:p..i've tried the nice indian food nearby, eaten nasi lemak..and oso tasted the best dimsum in my 1 year stay here together with all his housemates..dimsum in Imperial China, chinatown!!!*drool*

all in trip was really nice and comfortable with all the fun ppl ard..:)) a slight disappointment was that i couldnt watch another musical with lihping and elaine as planned..cos of the sch holidays which means no discount price for that week.:(..hopefully can get to watch again next month lah..

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