Sunday, 11 May 2008

inverness last day

Haha..still remember wat happened bout half a year ago?
til nw still havent finished blogging bout our inverness/london trip during xmas holidays..and its may nw..

was about to blog about depressing exams that i've had so far..BUT..i guess its better to stop spreading the gloom and look forward to the other 3 papers..(my worst nitemare would be the pharmaceutical care paper on fri..omg...*fingers crossed*ppl pls pray for me !!) this was the post that i've completed 75% few months ago..better complete it nw before i forget since i gt such poor memory in remembering things..

on the 30th dec..

we went to aviemore town to the tourist info centre to look for more info about skiing(our initial plan was either to ski or to visit the cairngorm reindeer )

on the way to aviemore..

since the tourist info centre wasnt opened yet..we went to the homely cafe opposite it to have breakfast..:) [p/s:this place had a well-decorated 5-star toilet..there's another chair beside the toilet bowl if i recalled correctly..who would possibly want to sit on that chair?]

anyway..we decided to drive to the cairngorm reindeer centre after that..

There was a daily visit to the reindeer, weather permitting, departing from the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre at 11.00 am. all the others that were interested to the guided tours onto the hill would gather there..the above pic was taken while we were waiting for the guide..look at the mountains covered with snow behind us!!

the view around the cairngorm reindeer centre..

though it looked sunny from the pics..the weather was in fact extremely cold..most of us wore 4/5 layers of clothing..

after a while, we drove further trailing the guide's car along with another 30+ other cars to somewhere near the hill..

and started our journey to the cairngorm mountains..

walking together with the others..and the view was simply too beautiful to be described with words..the mountains..trees..bright blue sky..crystal clear water..i was totally loss of words to express my feelings that time..:)..the beauty of mother nature..

we were finally there after bout half an hours walk!! i think some of the reindeer were free to go around the cairngorm mountains..but some were kept inside the fenced-area..

the cairngorm mountains..

the 1st reindeer that we approached, this was among the reindeers kept in the fenced area..the guide gave us a brief intro about the reindeer..explaining to us that the reindeer was in fact very tame and friendly..

there were so many of them and they were really pretty!!! the guides divided some of the reindeer's food to that we can feed them.. cute....the reindeer was making frens with the cute kid.. cute...i think that was wat the reindeer thought..cos chose to eat the food from me..and ignore the 2 guys beside me..:)

this reindeer seemed to be the "king" appeared to be the strongest and fittest among the other it was the favourite reindeer among the tourists.. woi..the 3 of u..太现实了吧!!:p

nice rite??

when we were on our way down from the mountain..
after that...AFTER THAT..we went...erm..??!!!i cant remember where we went after that..pls enlighten* memory is rili failing me nwadays..:((

yah..this was taken that evening..a relax stroll along the lake..actually we oso took very "meteor-garden" like pics..haha..

the place was kinda untouched and isolated..:))

THIS is why i LOVE scotland trip so much...

the view is oways TAT spectacular..:)

we witnessed sunset..

we had dinner at "the kitchen" that nite (YAY!!i still remember the name of this place) guess most of us rili enjoyed the few relaxing days in inverness..before moving to the more hectic london for countdown of 2008...
omg..rili reflects hw fast time flies..okiee..feel better nw..back to studies again..
GOOD LUCK everyone..3 more papers to go..:))
(OMG..i can be so random..studying is rili driving me nuts)


The GreaterSpeyside team: said...

Wow! Excellent pics and good to hear you'vce had a great time in Aviemore and the Cairngorms. I've never been to the Reindeer centre myself although I only live 40 miles away!

Thanks for sharing your great pictures and story. I work in the Tourism industry and love your comments. Good to hear you've had a great time!


Kha Hong said...

Quote : "when we were on our way down from the mountain..
after that...AFTER THAT..we went...erm..??!!!i cant remember where we went after that..pls enlighten me.."

We went for lunch after that la.. and then we went to the beautiful Loch Morlich until the sun set.. Reading ur blog reminds me of the trip la.. I soooooooo feel like visiting there again!!

Anonymous said...

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