Wednesday, 4 June 2008

oban + lochilphead trip..

after chatting with k.hooi, he suggested that we shd try a road trip to oban and lochilphead, the place where he was posted to for a sounded like a great idea, so we booked a car the day before he reached glasgow..

lol..apparently u need the driver's passport and need to show the credit card to the car company..we dun hv both, but probably we looked honest:P so that nice lady just let us thru..phew!!

so..with the scotland map and some info that we found through google we went..our plan = stop whenever we see nice short=no detailed planning :P

luss, our 1st stop..with loch lomond at our background..loch lomond is in fact quite a big was alongside the road that we used..and there were a few stops along the way with a few B&B, caravans and camping sites for tourists

this was another stop with the loch lomond at the background..haha..nice scenery bt lotsa dog shit around..n we heard the tale of hw k.hooi wil kena shit everytime with glen

stopped at this random cafe to have lunch..and the fish and chips turned out to be really delicious..award-winning summore..:P

on our way to oban, we saw this really nice place with a few uncles fishing below, so we were thinking..uncles oso can go down..shudnt be that difficult rite?

bt we were obviously wrong..the place was veli steep and slippery.. it was so difficult to walk down..hence the above pic..haha, the 3 of us gave up after trying..
kokhooi was the oni one who went down..

and this was wat he nice rite, jeles!!! of the uncles managed to get a fish at that moment..
with such a relaxed pace..we finally reached our destination, oban at nearly 6pm..haha!!luckily its summer and it'd be dark oni by 10pm..and luckily we managed to go into tourist info centre to get the oban map minutes before the centre closes...

oban is situated by the sea, and its a small town with lotsa tourists around too..

it is justifiably known as the Gateway to the Isles. The town's south pier is the embarkation point for car ferries to Mull, Coll, Tiree, Barra, South Uist, Colonsay, Lismore and Islay. From these islands you can travel further afield to Iona, Staffa and to many of the smaller less well known isles...

so we walked around the town with scenic surroundings for some time..and finally drove to
Mc Caig's Tower..
at the McCaig's tower, overlooking Oban..

McCaig's intention was to provide a lasting monument to his family, and provide work for the local stonemasons during the winter months. McCaig was an admirer of Roman and Greek architecture and had planned for an elaborate structure, based on the Colosseum in Rome. However, his death brought an end to construction with only the outer walls completed.

another random place we stopped by after leaving oban..another lake with nobody else except us..hmm..the place was veli nice, photos cant really capture its beauty..:)))

this was another secluded camping site which i guess oni certain locals know bout it..we came here accidentally when we were searching for the canal situated near lochilphead..the 2 men camping there told us the directions to the canal..this will be the ideal place for camping,haiya if oni i've more time in scotland..

and we managed to find it!!hehe..i think its called crinan has its historical story behind it..sumthing bout hw the merchants could shorten their distance by XXX miles and reached their destinations really quickly after the canal was built..

we spent our nite at kokhooi's place in lochilphead..lochilphead is a very, very small and quiet town where it seemed like it's isolated most of the time-its very beautiful though:)..the streets looked empty and there were very few ppl ard.. one time there was this car in front of us tat just stopped abruptly to talk to a man who passed by--looks like everyone knows everyone else there since its soo small..

kokhooi's place was situated next to the psychiatry hospital tat he was posted to..listened to lots of interesting stories bout his patients and we saw 2 of them outside the nite, we had a wonderful time chatting and laughing..

the next day..
we've chosen another route back to glasgow, and stopped by inverarray ..(the above pic)
after reaching glasgow, we spent the remaining time eating dimsum and later watched "indiana jones" in the cinema..
haha..the few of us nearly slept at the beginning, but it was kinda exciting after that..not realistic but thats wat indiana jones is all about..haha..sooo many long years have passed ever since the last indiana jones movie..and its in fact a reminder to all of us that we're all grown ups..:P
THAT was basically about it for our oban +lochilphead trip..i personally enjoyed the road trip a lot, shud rili thank k.hooi who had been driving all the time and still being so energetic..throughout the trip we've seen the beauty of nature..we've laughed, exchange stories, tok and tok and tok..
im gonna miss this a lot..:))


Anonymous said...

it was such a nice trip, and not to forget, everything went so smoothly throughout the trip. i was not expecting that smooth.haha
thanks to st, kh and ming ying, thanks for thier efforts, sue choo, sorry la, u missed it, haha
it was an unforgetable trip for me. hope it is the same to you all too.

kh yap

tps said...

ah hoooiiiii!!!!!!!!!

i wanna go oso...haha

mingying said...

kok hooi oledi included u in his future camping trip lah..i wish i got the chance to go!!!hahaha

YY Ong LTR! said...

so nice si COCK hoooi can play like tat... Ive got no chance to play like tat lo.. envy envy...