Friday, 1 August 2008

back in msia..

my last post was written about 2 months ago..i doubt anyone would browse my blog

the 4th day back in msia..and i've mixed feelings about returning back home..

the "welcome back to msia" experience we had in putrajaya on the 2nd day was a wakeup call for us that we're back to reality..
back to the place where ppl do things at a tortoise speed..making us wait for hours just for a simple signature on the offer letter; where the phone calls kept ringing with lotsa ppl eating at the office but nobody cares to pick up the phone; where we were asked to come back on the next day to collect the letter (but luckily we mati-mati oso dun wanna leave the place and kept on insisting that we're from swk and we need to settle our things on that day itself); where the posters on the wall boasted "cepat, tepat dan kualiti"..what ironicity..

i dun mean to complain..but i was rili frustrated and tired at the end of the experience these few days?the weather was hot and humid that i cant stop sweating, i still couldnt sleep well for the past few days- felt tired at daytime and energetic at night; weird ppl staring at us on the street..walking super fast whenever im alone, heart beating fast..hmm..i realise that things wont be the same again as the past 1 year

one year away isnt that long at all..but things do change..the food in kl is getting much more expensive (but still taste as nice); more shopping complexes now (visited pavilion yesterday and was surprised looking at the shops there..with many uk brands too..they even got chiemsee brand there!!:P); even imu looked very different now..right now im in the totally unfamiliar looking library typing my latest like some 5 star facility with much more computers and even the escalator is moving!!oi..y cant we have all these when we were here??!!

but the good thing about msia??i felt the sense of belonging once i stepped down from the plane..everything looked familiar..the food we had was very delicious (the wantan mee sc's bro brought us to..the nasi lemak in mdm kwan..even the malay food in putrajaya tasted nice!!:P) and im glad to meet up with my old frens again.. changing really a bad thing?i cant stop thinking back about my past 1 year experience and i know how much i missed it..but i keep on reminding myself not to let myself sink into the sad feelings..after all, i was lucky to experience what i have experienced and you cant stop the time clicking..accepting the fact and to live in the present is much more important..

ok..i realise even i myself have pics at all for this post (malas wanna upload pics lar..); din shed tears at all when i part with my frens and left europe although i was rili sad (getting tougher??haha..); getting more panas baran these few days and feeling very uneasy for not able to online for the past few

k..enough of talking nonsense..i probably shud get going temporary number is 0192467713 (i doubt anyone will be reading this..)take care!


ti3nD said...

aiyoh msia food FOOOOODDDD!!!

suechoo said...

hehe...i do read ur blog la.;p u write out exactly how i feel le...i miss uk la...missing like crazy.

shirlyn said...

im reading this!!!! hahaha..10 days after u blogged...oppsie!

yup..i agreed with most of the things u wrote definitely going to miss the life in UK...if i were to relive it again, i would do it the same way *with more travelling n more parties!! yay..*

c ya soon~~

Anonymous said...

i read it too!! maybe a bit l8, but the main thing is i read..
i read s.coo's blog, then your blog, n i'm now thinking twice about coming back to msia for good.
not that i have any plan soon..haih..btw do you where's your posting yet?
is it in kuching?

sk said...

hi mying, i read it too, but it is on ur first working day after u have been back for 'ages'..:P
hw was ur first day? cool ?hehe...
having ur nice karen mok's songs as my company while working now..thx!
rmbr to gap zai if there is/ are la..hahahaa..keji

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