Monday, 3 December 2007

Lately i felt tat i dun have enuf time..

after completing the intro for my report..i've to prepare for my presentations on wednesday..
kinda stuck with my case..still figuring why they choose to use A drug instead of B drug..etc etc..and i havent started searching journals to support the drug choice yet....thanks to my lecturer who keeps asking for more info.. usual..i do things at last minute poor brain is SOOOOO overload!!
i look exactly like tat nw..a walking zombie/ robot sitting in front of my com for hours..HAHA!!
and i like the above statement...TOTALLY portrays wat i felt nw..hehehee....

am i stressed?? probably..lets take the stress test that i saw just nw..
Ques: What do u see in this pic?
Ans: If you don't see two dolphins then it's time for you to go home.You're too stressed out!
HEY!!! i dun see 2 dolphins..
so i shall rest and sleep nw..
LAME..i know..:)
omg..tomorrow im going to go thru wat i've been doing today again..such a nitemare...


Anonymous said...

y suddenly feel 'sejuk'..

shirlyn said...

i need more time too!! haihz..die la ming ying...pei fong not here to stress us..we wun study 1...WE NEED PEI FONG!!

mingying said...

haha..yalorr..very cham larr..everything do at last minute,nw really no time d..jia you arrr shirlyn!!!:))