Monday, 8 October 2007

when somebody gets drunk...

haha..what shud we do when somebody gets drunk? i've never been seriously drunk, not because im a good drinker..probably im jz too chicken to drink so much..and therefore..i oso have no experience in dealing with people who are drunk...

anyway..some people may start to dance..or turns into red apple..or started to vomit..singing..etc etc doing all the unexpected stuff..

bt today i've come across a fren(u noe who u're..haha!) who'll start to talk nonsense non-stop and laugh non-stop thru msn!!hw weird is that??!!i've no idea that he's drunk at first..just feels weird when he started saying..schizophrenia..paranoia..delirium tremens all of a sudden..(and btw..he's an engineering student!) and repeatedly typed hahahaha...kakakakaka.....hahahaha.....kakaka...

this is part of the conversation between me and him
me: wahlao eh...u mabuk d isit?
him: wooi wooi.....why u tell st? mane i mabuk?
him: polis polis!polize!
him: ngiak ngiak
me: WAT the..!!!woi...dun keep on speaking so randomly can or not?
me: i feel like punching u d!!wahlao!!
him: come come
him: punch me now! (he repeated this a few times!!!ARGH!!!)
me: *PUNCH!!
( now i noe hw all the fights happened after people get drunk...with people keeps saying that to u.. its hard not to follow their instructions..if he's in front of me...i think i'll start punching him oso!!!)

him: not pain one! I want MORE!
me: du isst scheisse!!!( u eat shit!)
him: wah...geng bo..scheissegal!!
me: *tut* (scolding in german)
him: *tut* back.. (ok..learn a german word today in scolding people)
me: hey..since u're drunk..teach me more foul language larr...
him: no no..foul language no good one..
him: refer to
him: type english and u'll get german one..

and the lame conversation goes on and on...

then my other frens started putting captions dedicated to him..
for example..
say no to alcohol!it'll only deteriorate ur liver..
no alcohol..konstanzer
its normal..dun worry..he wont die..(from his housemate)

and since he's talking randomly to other ppl as well..all my other frens refer back to his housemate...according to his housemate..its normal that he'll LAUGH AND LAUGH and tok nonsense when he's drunk..

and clever me..i actually found a solution to stop him toking nonsense..:)
after i mentioned the magic word (a gal's name)..he went quiet for quite some time..and the next few lines he typed was not as random or as weird..TATA!!he's back to 80% normal!!haha...and he actually told suokteng that im clever cos he felt normal d after i mentioned the name...WOW..the power of LOVE..hiak hiak!!!


suokteng said...

ppl,say no to alcohol plz..

jamsi,u can also get mabuk sometimes..beware... =P

one thing weird is tht he was darn normal while chatting with me but at the very same time he was there talking nonsense to ku ming ying..i think drunk ppl got split personality also..ehem....

pun said...

anti-alcohol campaign spurred by loutao bensi

Anonymous said...

Oooiiii... How come u record everything?

pun said...

mashi, put ur name. dun put anony

Anonymous said...

Ngiak ngiak.. Later polis catch u, HengTai...

ahmein0520 said...

haha, ming ying your fren so funny la... i laugh non stop while reading ur entry the way he talk so lame...