Monday, 15 October 2007


as hardworking + pretty housewives..we dutifully spent our sunday afternoon to clean our beloved J 9 flat..
*useful tip: to prevent from waiting for the ice to naturally MELT til DUNO WHEN..boil hot water and place inside the fridge..
hehe..kha hong seems to enjoy doing housework..

...whereas suokteng tak habis-habis 碎碎念 " wat lar these ppl....why wanna inspect our apartment on fri??!!!WHY??!!!summore gonna fine if not clean!!" its ok..our apartment oways that need to worry..:P
and since she keeps complaining that her pic is ugly..I SHALL INCLUDE IT IN MY BLOG..haha!
nvmlar ahteng.. i think my photo looks even more like si lai ok??

suechoo cleaning her window..looks like someone that wants to jump down..:p

me..费了九牛二虎之力..wipe wipe wipe.. at some point..darren was downstairs with widely-opened mouth looking at us...stunned by our rajin-ness..FINALLY...
after whole afternoon of hard work..our apartment looks sparkling clean..

some of the things we had in the fridge..


everything is soooo neat..:) looking at the amount of food we possess(the above pic is onli about 40% of our total amount of food)..its not difficult to figure out why i can gain weight in such a short period!!
CONCLUSION...being a housewife is rili tiring...and OMG..i still need to clean up my room within these few days..*pengsan*..


jamsi said...

suok teng's face showed that she is kinda reluctant to do the work.

Anonymous said...

Tulan face