Saturday, 13 October 2007


Friday nite again..the time when i can just sit back and relax..

Watched Babel ..which is a 2.5 hour movie that has won a lot of awards since last year..the storyline is rili hard to explain..basically it involves 4 different scenarios happening simultaneously in Morocco, San Diego, Mexico and Japan..which explores culture clashes in life.. for me..the plot was kinda disturbing at first, but the story gets better and better after a while...I quite like it as its not the typical American-type movie and the story was unpredictable..wont wanna spoil it by telling u guys about what the story is go watch it urself..:)

*warning: Brad Pitt doesnt look cute in this movie..but his acting was good!:)

Was kinda curious about wat the title "babel" searched a bit and found some interesting facts..
*direct quote from internet* : The title refers to the story of the Tower of Babel in the Biblical Book of Genesis. In the story, the people of the world are all united and speak a common language. They begin to build a tower to reach the heavens and become godlike themselves. God, observing the arrogance of humanity, decides to confuse the language of the people and destroy the tower. When the people could no longer understand each other they gave up work on the tower and spread out to different parts of the world.
It also refers to the connections -or lack thereof- that come through the use of language. This film ultimately looks at the fact that we are all intimately connected on a life-and-death level, yet the trivialities of langauge and misunderstandings break us apart.


Yannee said...

where to watch babel?? can get from u?
btw u shd watch Crash... its 100% worth watching!

ahying^ said...

yup..i gt the movie in my com..come and get from me lar when u're free..u gt Crash arr??I WAN!!!

Yannee said...

i dun haf crash woh.. i watched it in msia...
how? can i still get Babel from u? :D

james said...

I like this movie!

ahying^ said...

HAHA..of course can larr..:)its rili worth watching..