Thursday, 27 September 2007


就像对trip的万般不舍, 我对这篇完结篇也是蛮依依不舍..trip 里发生的大事件或小故事是肯定无法完整的写下..多谢另三位还沉醉在过去的美女这几天的帮忙:P 这几天的话题总离不开这班疯狂的男生和经历过的点点滴滴..

loutao..apalah..take quite a few pics with u but this is the onli normal pic that we had!!


Our loutao who is also our Vienna trip tour guide..long gas at times..oways pesan us not to do this not to do that…
Wil remember ur “romantic love story”->kesian….keep kena shoot by suokteng..
and ur expressions after drinking beer..and the way u imitate the character in Death Note..rili very funny!!
Thanks for applying so many days of leave to join us for the trip..we noe u're always in the dilemma of whether to join us or not, but we’re glad that u stayed throughout the whole trip..
And thanks for the small card that u gave us the nite before we left..with ur cute drawings and sentimental words..touching ler!!(Quote from james..panas baran loutao becomes very sentimental after the trip..:P)


The professional photographer who took a lot of nice scenery pics and those candid pictures of us..
a good tour guide in Salzburg..rili took care of us..
very knowledgable as well..knows a lot about the history..
super pia when playing games.. 脚受伤后还拼命打排球..thanx a lot ya teammate..:P
A big surprise when u decided to take few hours train to come to Konstanz to meet us after work..haha..and we 浩浩荡荡 go to train station at 1 sumthing am to pick u up..after that kept travelling to and fro heilbronn..kept skipping work to join us..haha!semangat betul..:P


Blur king!!haha..super blur in playing killer..very炸到!!
No.1 poser who tak habis-habis wanna take pictures.. 走搞笑路线 and provides us with so much entertainment by looking at his pics..
Selectively ganas towards certain ppl..^-^
Funny tour guide in germany..a bit lagging at times..rili had fun in zat u..
Very crazy..especially when playing games..cant wait for the next Frisbees game again
and my partner in playing volleyball(not forgetting ahmeng and sekfatt as well)..haha..i’ve no contribution at all when playing volleyball, have the instinct to avoid the ball whenever I see the ball..luckily u came up with the brilliant idea..hiak hiak!!


Hebat map-reader who is good in recognizing all the roads..
Small eater..but I think u’ve slightly improved after the trip(cos suechoo repeatedly ask u to eat more..)
Always semangat in playing taiti and killer..good teammate in playing volleyball..hiakz
likes to zat me a lot..
Supposed to be a rational guy, but becomes unpredictable after this trip..
before this bensi, ur housemate for ages, was so sure that u wont ponteng kerja to join us..yup..true, u went back to work after we left Stuttgart..but unexpectedly after two days, came all the way to Konstanz to join us..haha..kena perli habis-habis…nvm lar..i noe u miss us a lot..*wink*


Da blur…being with u and blur king..i feel that im not so blur..haha!!
(suokteng just told me another blur thing u did..when we were out..u forgot ur sunglasses..then u ran back to get it..after coming back to join us..baru discover u’ve forgotten the much more important ticket as well, then have to run back again..haha!)
Another funny tour guide in Germany..u and pun will suddenly stop in the middle of the street and start explaining the history..funny lar!(rajin searching info through Wikipedia ar...hiak hiak!!)
Wil remember ur great skills in playing guitar..(all the张震岳 & 周杰伦’s songs) need to be paiseh lar! ^-^ and ur delicious 蚂蚁上树..we’ll use ur recipe in Glasgow..:P
And i rili enjoyed the times when we sama-sama siao in Europa Park..u're the one who triggered my “braveness” ..suggesting me to lift up my hands throughout the exciting rides to experience the free-fall feeling..rili an unforgettable experience..hiakz

mashi..hw dare u keep moving backwards so that ur face looks smaller??keji!!:P..everyone..this is all face is nt so pong..

this住家男人was successfully persuaded to Karlsruhe with us, which is another surprise..:P
Super hebat in cooking, making cakes and cocktail.. 让我们有宾至如归的感觉 ..
My sifu in teaching me how to play poker..taught me how to mislead other ppl...
gave me a lesson on hw to play magic cards and the different types of wine etc..(liao!cant rili remember d..:P) wah..this guy rili knows how to enjoy life..
however..u’re also very wonder the others call u 贱兔 lah..during the farewell dinner..nearly rosakkan our plans..but luckily we’re oso very fast in action..hiak hiak!

Our organizer for the Prague trip…sometimes I really佩服 the amount of info u were able to find..hebat betul!!can tell the history of Prague until very detailed..
Walking 点唱机..can sing anytime and almost any Cantonese songs..very impressive!!
Can walk super fast during the trip..will be in front if I walk with u and will be at the last row if I walk with sue choo..i wonder why..^-^
And u’ve conquered ur fear in all the exciting rides..thumbs up!!
This giraffe can get very sot, ask those who joined the trip and everyone will agree..ur nickname suits u lar..sot sot teng..(e.g say *tut* when the angmohs repeatedly said “ni hao”..grab the last piece of 糖醋排骨..tsk tsk! etc etc..)

Another very good map reader..thanks to kha hong..we’ve managed to find our way in Prague and not getting lost..
very observant and not blur at all although surrounded by blur ppl like me..
very fast learner..learn lots of German during the trip eh?!^-^
slow and steady in eating food..marathon winner! My best partner in sharing food, yay! 合作愉快!!
though u were worried bout the rides in Europa park at 1st, but u managed to go on the Silver Star twice...hebat!!:)
Most of the time very sweet and nice to everyone..but sometimes can be rili gud in zat other ppl…rili funny looking at u zat loutao!!


Thanks for organizing the Prague trip and did so much research before the semangat in looking for good food in Prague..
and as usual..bringing a lot of laughter to us..
I’ll oso remember the Don Giovanni story told on the nite in Vienna…
the funny volleyball session…damn stress!!
The Frisbees game..remember hw both of us grabbed the frisbees..ganas betul..
Sama-sama gila during the europa park trip..
And sometimes I find it kinda恐怖..after exchanging glance with u..i can actually read what u were about to tell me..
oh..and surprisingly after this trip, Im proud to say that im no longer the blur queen!!haha..u've repeatedly forgotten where u put ur keys…until loutao 看不下去 and decided to keep the key for u..

the 4 of us..

some of the candid shots during the Austria trip that i like...

To all the ji mui and heng dai that joined the trip...
thanks a lot for everything..without u ppl..the trip wont be so perfect..U ppl rili did a great job in organizing this trip..its full of surprises...and to the guys..thanx for giving us the small animals resembling each of us..(tall giraffe=suokteng, small mouse=kha hong, crazy lion = suechoo...and CUTE bear= me :P)...we din expect that..:)
haha..nw we've another trip to look forward to..cant wait to meet again in for nw..we cant reveal too much about our plans during xmas..everything is about SURPRISE!!



sek fatt said...

with my limited knowledge of mandarin n the help of chinese-english translation website...i finally understand everything...but is really very nice...din noe blur blur so good in writing....worth my effort of using those website to translate it...

suokteng said...

walau fast got ppl comment ly..fatt gor,so efficient..驶唔驶啊?

blur..dunno y i'm hungry after reading ur post..haha...sorry..random..

x'mas fast fast come!! =)

suechoo said...

wa lao...tht bear doesnt bring the maksud 'cute' bring the maksud 'blur'...

i dunno y after this trip, i become blur la, i sendiri also cuak sai!! too many blur virus around, kena infected!!! i want to heal!!!

haha!! ah blur, u r always a good partner in playing all those extreme games, strting from the Tomahalk in sunway lagoon till silver star, u r always tht gila!! haha!! thanks for grabbing my hand on the air whn i intended to hold on the grab, tindakan refleks la...haha!!!

Kha Hong said...

har?? 完结篇 already?? 依依不舍...
really hope the xmas to come faster la.. can't wait to see u guys..

to the new Blur Queen, now u officially take over xiao blur's place to become the blur queen already.. should I congratulate u? hehe..

suechoo said...

eh...i'm not taking over her place!!!! she is much more blur le...i'm js slightly blurer than normal me!!!

ah blur is still ah blur...hehehehe

the judge said...

sue choo is just as blur.

suokteng said...

kha hong 不blur..

ah pun said...

finally sek fatt pou tao..

james said...

what happened to the poll...??its like horse racing...??!