Friday, 31 August 2007

This time..Celtic Match!

Had a wonderful time working as a cashier at celtic stadium last night. Before this, we were quite worried as there was a very large crowd (about 65000 people). The match was between Celtic team-one of the best Scottish football team and Spartak Moscow team.

Fortunately, Kha hong and i were allocated in the same kiosk (together with another few foreigners). They were all very helpful and patient when we asked them so many questions. The gal next to me has always worked in the Celtic stadium and was very friendly.

The fans started to buy food from us from about 6pm onwards. As usual, there were a lot of customers and we were all very busy… As the other gal and I were at the far end of the counters, most customers couldn’t notice us..and that gal had to use her lungs to SHOUT..”NEXT PLEASEEEEEE”..WOW…..her voice was so loud that some of the customers in front of me jokingly said they were shocked and the way she shouted would definitely scare the customers away..However, the surrounding music was too loud that our voice couldn’t be heard..and I had to join in my fellow colleagues to SHOUT at the top of my voice and even WAVED at them to draw their attentions. I was a bit soft at first, but I got better and better in SHOUTING after that..:P

When the match was about to start, there was this customer who ordered a lot of food and handed 20 pounds to me. I dutifully passed him all the things and when I was about to give him the change, the match started. THAT GUY JUST RUSHED OFF!! I was so shocked and tried my best to call him, but he just left without getting back his 13 pounds change. I felt really bad about it and informed my supervisor immediately. She actually told me that if that guy din appear again, I may keep the change as tips. At last, of course I din get the money, because our accounts din match so the money was placed into the total income. In a way, I was a bit relieved as I din feel good about this and I din want to take other people’s money just like that (it’ll be different if its only a pound or two:P)

Anyway, the match was in fact quite interesting! (We din get to see the match of there was this TV right in front of us so we got a glimpse of the match occasionally whenever we were not that busy)The gal beside me was in joyous mood and was all excited whenever Celtic team nearly scored a goal…when I asked whether she’s a fan of Celtic, she excitedly showed me her Celtic T-shirt under her uniform..she even filled me with details about the team whenever we had free time..too bad I could only understand about 40% about what she was saying..She mentioned a few footballers’ name(whom I’ve no idea who they’re except Macdonald and Nakamura). She repeatedly told me.."He’s so cute!!”wheneve the TV focuses on different footballers..haha!
I google on Nakamura's pic after some ppl on the street shouted "Nakamura" at us last week..

After finishing our job and while waiting for our supervisor to calculate the money..we continued watching the football match..but we din manage to finish watching as we'd to leave after that..When we were outside..everyone was so tense (including the policemen), paying full attention to the radio as the match had to be decide on penalties.. and finally Celtic team won on penalties!!(final score was 4-3).

On our way back, the crowd was VERY VERY happy..cheering and singing along the was amazing looking at those people wearing green and white hooped shirts being so passionate towards their football team..occasionally we saw a few disappointed Moscow fans but they were sporting enough..witnessed some of the Celtic fans and Moscow fans hugging each other..

Last nite would be the last time i worked until I come bek from my trip.. will consider to work in more football matches in future(hopefully Celtic team will always win:p)

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